Why Grass Valley?

As a market leader in broadcast and professional media technologies, Grass Valley employees are quick to point out that video and design innovation puts them at the center of the action. Fun, rewarding, inspiring are often used to describe the work here.

Top Five Reasons to Join Our Team!

With a dynamic and geographically diverse employee population, it's no surprise that there are a variety of compelling reasons to work at Grass Valley. Here's our Top Five list!

  1. Grass Valley is the global market leader in media technologies bringing state-of-the-art products, software and solutions to the broadcast industry;
  2. Grass Valley thrives on collaboration with a small, diverse, global team developing cutting-edge software, hardware and service solutions with the reward of a complete life-cycle experience;
  3. Grass Valley offers competitive compensation packages, generous benefits, and innovative career development—in an energizing and supportive work environment;
  4. Grass Valley is made up of fun, dynamic people dedicated to performance and teamwork, while striving for the highest standards, and
  5. Grass Valley is transforming—creating innovative new products and opportunities for employees to serve customers' changing needs in the promising media revolution.
Grass Valley is the global market leader in media technologies bringing state-of-the-art products, software and solutions to the broadcast industry.
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Our Culture and Beliefs
  • The times, they are a changing. At Grass Valley, employees are encouraged to think creatively, to act collaboratively, to work hard and to embrace change. Because in the world of video and broadcast media, opportunity is alive with change.

    And though we’ve been serving customers and creating a globally trusted brand for more than 50 years, Grass Valley was reborn two years ago as an independent, venture-funded company. With this change came the opportunity to examine our past and future: where we came from, where we wanted to go, and what beliefs would enable our success. As you can imagine, this generated a lot of excitement and creativity. Today, we consider ourselves in continuous transformation to serve an ever-changing industry.
  • Our Core Beliefs are simple. We believe in:
    • Innovation
    • Simplicity
    • Agility
    • Openness
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment
    • Winning
    Our goal is to instill these beliefs in our strategy, in our communications, and in our behavior. We ask everyone at Grass Valley to understand these beliefs, and to live by these beliefs in everything they do—in working with each other and in our relations with customers and partners. One way we support this behavior is a simple recognition process. Every employee has the ability to nominate a colleague for a monetary award that recognizes his or her commitment to one of our seven Core Beliefs.
INSIDER PERSPECTIVE: Employees Speak About Grass Valley

Kerry Marquez
Direct Fulfilment Manager
Nevada City, CA, United States
Joined Grass Valley in 2007

Do you remember what it was that attracted you to Grass Valley initially and/or what compelled you to join the company?
Kerry: I was first attracted to Grass Valley due to its position and reputation as an award winning, global leader in broadcast technologies. After meeting with the management team, I knew I had found a great fit for both me and GV. GV was implementing state-of-the-art supply chain solutions and needed team players who wanted to be part of the transformation. I am always up for a challenge!
What aspect of your job do you look forward to on a day-to-day basis?
Kerry: I get to work with "idea people" who take pride in what they do. GV is a culture of innovation, not just in our product offerings, but also in how we do business. GV employees are dedicated to advancing our cutting edge products as well as our business model. GV pride and innovation are seen throughout the entire organization. It's a dynamic, energetic place to be.

Can you describe one of your most rewarding (or exciting) experiences at Grass Valley?
Kerry: When I joined GV, I was part of a supply chain team dedicated to improving our performance so as to ultimately benefit our customers. New tools and ideas were introduced in all areas including: inventory management, demand steering and planning, lead time reductions and quality improvements. Being a part of such an innovative team that brought about dramatic change and improvements relatively quickly is one of the highlights in my career. Not everyone gets that opportunity. We continue to strive for improvement today and I have great pride in what I have been able to achieve and continue to achieve at Grass Valley.

If your best friend was considering a job at Grass Valley, what would you share with him/her about the culture, work and people at Grass Valley?
Kerry: I have actually recruited several colleagues to join GV and it's been great having them part of the team. GV thrives on fresh ideas and new ways of looking at our business. We think of ourselves as a team of solution-focused professionals. GV values people who can be handed a problem or obstacle and not just resolve it, but bring about change with a solution that adds value. We are all creative problem solvers at heart and GV empowers, challenges and rewards employees who provide solutions.

Matt Tey
Software Team Lead
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Joined Grass Valley in 2007

What attracted you to Grass Valley?
Matt: Joining Grass Valley as an engineer was a big opportunity for me. The high visibility of the broadcast industry definitely caught my eye. Instead of always being the audience, like when we were kids, now we contribute as players in this dynamic industry.

What aspect of your job do you look forward to on a day-to-day basis.
Matt: Mostly, I look forward to working on new product features. I enjoy the process of designing and developing features piece-by-piece and completing the big picture day-by-day. It's just like puzzle solving and the game is complex and very interesting.

If your best friend was considering a job at Grass Valley, what would you share with him/her?
Matt: Working at Grass Valley is like joining a big family. We know that a career is part of life's responsibilities — but also life should be fun. So we work, and we play. Imagine table tennis and making latte art in-between work — that's what we do!

Is there anything you'd like to share that might help candidates considering a job at Grass Valley?
Matt: Grass Valley cares a lot about your work experience. You have a project manager to deal with project matters; you have a people manager to help with your long-term development; and you have a buddy to deal with anything else!

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