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Legal Terms and Conditions
Asia Pacific
Please review the applicable terms and conditions below depending upon whether you are a Customer of Grass Valley Products and/or Services, a Licensee of Grass Valley Software, or a Supplier to Grass Valley of third party products and services.

For Grass Valley Customers, the following terms and conditions are applicable to all purchases of Products and Services and the licensing of Software:
Terms and Conditions of Sale
For those: (i) clicking "I agree" or "I accept" with respect to use of Grass Valley Software, (ii) downloading, installing, copying or otherwise using Grass Valley Software whether embedded on equipment or stand alone, (iii) breaking or opening any seal on the packaging of Grass Valley Software, or (iv) otherwise agreeing to use the Software, the following license is applicable:

Software License Agreement (EULA)
GVKK Support Agreement
For Suppliers, the following terms and conditions are applicable to your acceptance of each Grass Valley purchase order:
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