Product Software Downloads List

Enterprise Routing Switchers
   NVISION 5128: Mid-sized Multiformat Routerv
   NVISION 7512: Audio Router (AES3, Analog, Time Code, MADI)
   NVISION 8140 HYBRID Digital video/audio router with audio processing (UHDTV/3Gbps/HD/SD/ASI/AES/AA/MADI)
   NV8256-Plus: Digital Video Router
   NV8288 and NV8288-Plus: Digital Video Router
   NVISION 8500 Hybrid: Digital Video/Audio Routers with Audio Processing (4K/3G/HD/SD/ASI/AES/AA/MADI)
   NVISION 8500 Router IP Gateway: Enables Routing of Baseband Video over IP Networks
   NV9000: Router Control System
   NVISION Compact CQX: 3Gbps/HD/SD Router with Clean and Quiet Switching
   NVISION Compact: Space and Cost Efficient Utility Routers
   NVISION CR6400 Series Digital router series

Routing Switcher Control
   EdgeVision Multichannel Quality of Experience Monitoring
   GV Convergent IP Router Control and Configuration System
   GV Node Real Time IP Processing and Routing Platform
   iControl Application Server
   iControl Solo
   iControl VM: Complete Virtual Image Version of iControl End-to-End Facility Monitoring

Discontinued & Supported (LTPS) Control Systems
   CommandCenter Broadcast System Control
   Encore - Facility Control System v1.8.2
   Encore Salvo Editor v2.0.0
   Encore Soft Panel v3.1.0
   SMS7000 Software
   SMS7500 Boot Code v7.3.4

Discontinued & Supported (LTPS) Other Available Downloads
   Jupiterv 8.0.1
   Jupiter LS/ LCD Panel Software v2.1.0
   CRCS - Includes Acappella and Prelude software v3.3.0
   Broadlinx v2.4.2
   Broadlinx (version 3.xx is required to support the new 3G modules). Version 3.5.3 is highly recomended for use with Protected Paths
   Trinix Multi Viewer v1.300.16.286
   RCL GUI Test Program v1.7.3
   Network Configuration Tool (NetConfig)
   MIBs - Router SNMP MIBs
   NVISION 5256: Machine Control Router (RS-422/RS-232)

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