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K2 TX/MAM Asset Management System

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  • video Channel Composer Tutorial posted Feb 04 2013
    A 9-part tutorial on the using the available as a software option Channel Composer™ to deliver the on-air look for the Grass Valley® Smart Playout Center™.
          1. Creating a Play Clip Template and Format
          2. Creating a Logo Bug Template and Format
          3. Creating a 3D Picture-in-Picture Template and Format
          4. Creating a Ticker Template and Format
          5. Creating a Cliptitle Template and Format
          6. Creating a Cliptitle Wipe Template and Format
          7. Creating a 3D picture-in-picture Template and Format
          8. Working with Controllers
          9. Creating a Dynamic Textbox Template
  • video Grass Shoots – Smart Playout Center posted Aug 28 2012
    The Grass Valley® Smart Playout Center™ is a high-quality content delivery platform where every aspect -- server, graphics, asset management and playout control -- is tightly integrated for efficient operation.
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