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  • pdf Pipe Village Trust Case Study (GVB-1-0024A-EN-CS) File size: 995.6 KB, posted Oct 06 2014
    Pipe Village Trust, UK

    CHALLENGE: Creating a high-end documentary film in remote parts of India on a tight budget and production schedule

    SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 multiformat nonlinear editing software

    BENEFITS: A reliable multiformat, real-time editing platform with superb functionality
  • pdf Playboy Plus 3D Case Study (GVB-1-0025A-EN-CS) File size: 804.6 KB, posted Oct 06 2014
    Playboy Plus, US

    CHALLENGE: To find a 3D post production solution that worked as well as a 2D solution, without adding additional import and render time

    SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS with STORM 3G SDI/HDMI card for real-time drop to timeline 3D editing

    BENEFITS: Ability to fix a variety of problems in post using the EDIUS Layouter
  • pdf TheFrank Aldana Case Study (GVB-1-0028A-EN-CS) File size: 861.4 KB, posted Oct 06 2014
    A Journey of Peace with EDIUS and the world’s largest peace mural

    TheFrank Aldana (yes, he refers to himself in the third person), his wife Tweet Aldana, and a host of volunteers took on photography and videography duties. This resulted in 9,454 pictures and 1,101 (more than 11 hours) of video clips, captured with just about every device imaginable in a multitude of formats.

    With the ability to work natively with just about any kind of media you throw at it, Grass Valley® EDIUS® made the sheer volume of footage somewhat less daunting for Aldana.
  • pdf Nippon Television (NTV) Network Tremendous Gains in Efficiency from Switching to the Grass Valley HQ Codec and a New Workflow Case Study (GVB-1-0257A-EN-CS) File size: 776.3 KB, posted Nov 14 2014

    Nippon Television Network (NTV) has streamlined its graphics production and improved the handling of HD content by leveraging the compression benefits of the Grass Valley™ HQ Codec. The new workflow increased productivity while maintaining superb image quality.
    Efficient graphics production for HD applications was the goal of the Technical Operations department at Nippon Television Network (NTV) as they ventured to try a new workflow leveraging the compression benefits of the Grass Valley® HQ Codec. Not only did the new workflow solve several problems, it greatly streamlined production while maintaining superb image quality rivaling uncompressed graphics. In fact, their work has never looked better.

    In adopting a new workflow for HD graphics production, Technical Operations identified their objective: reduce file size while maintaining superb image quality to enable efficient production. One way to meet this objective was to use a compression codec, but this was unprecedented at the department.
  • pdf Carlsberg Group — Using EDIUS to improve internal communications Case Study (GVB-1-0308A-EN-CS) File size: 712.9 KB, posted Sep 24 2014
    Carlsberg, one of the world's most well-known premium beers and the 4th largest brewery group in the world, is investing heavily to reposition its brand for future growth. Internally, it is using the latest video production tools and technologies at various locations around the world to keep its growing workforce informed of this and other company developments.
  • pdf Morgan Martini: Aspiring Director Takes EDIUS to the Limit Case Study (GVB-1-0321A-EN-CS) File size: 884.3 KB, posted Sep 24 2014
    While taking a class on the Italian Renaissance Morgan Martini got the inspiration for a film, based on the true story of Carlo Gesualdo—the Prince of Venosa who wrote songs of redemption and salvation. When she proposed the initial idea to her professors, some recommended that she might want to try something "a little less complicated," but not one to shy away from a challenge, Martini found herself on a mission to tell the story and was eager to see it through.

    Once the idea was solidified in her mind getting it on the screen took patience, hard work, and the right technology to bring it to fruition. For Martini, that meant editing on a system she knew well: the Grass Valley® EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editing system
  • pdf TourGigs: Recreating the Live Experience with EDIUS Case Study (GVB-1-0458C-EN-CS) File size: 1.5 MB, posted Sep 23 2016
    TourGigs, US

    TourGigs started with four seats of EDIUS 6 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to quickly edit multicam rock concert footage for Blu-ray Disc, DVD, download and online streaming distribution. They then upgraded all seats to EDIUS 8.22 to take advantage of the new primary color correction features.

    CHALLENGES: Quickly edit more than 8 HD or 4K camera feeds with a live HD or 4K streaming line-cut of a live rock concert without having to transcode or render. Make the footage available within hours or days after the show.

    SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8.22 provides an Any In, Any Out workflow that enables HD and/or 4K footage and line-cut to be dropped directly on the multicam timeline for editing.

    BENEFITS: An AVCHD/ProRes/XAVC/XAVC S workflow that doesn't require file duplication and allows editing to begin while footage is being ingested.
  • pdf AMG Television Productions: Satisfying The Need For Speed With EDIUS Case Study (PRV-4064M-1) File size: 660.8 KB, posted Jan 27 2011
    Andy Glossop of AMG Television Productions, shoots, edits, and produces extensive coverage for various Race & Rally Championships throughout Great Britain. He edits on an EDIUS system, with its real-time processing and multilayered effects preview, in order to meet tight deadlines. Andy Glossop has a need for speed. Whether it's watching his beloved motor sports racing for pleasure or editing television sports programming for the UK's popular Channel 5, he likes things to happen quickly—give it to him fast and furious!

    As owner and executive producer of AMG Television Productions, Glossop understands the unique requirements of digital video production and the increasing demands his clients place on him. It's this need for real-time processing and effects in order to turn around completed projects quickly that led him to use the latest version of Grass Valley® EDIUS® editing software. Glossop is such a fan of EDIUS, he's used every version of the NLE software since 1998.
  • pdf Red Union Films: Awaydays — Real-time, mixed-format post production Case Study (PRV-4073M-1) File size: 814.8 KB, posted Jan 27 2011

  • pdf Rusty Rogers Films: With the Grass Valley EDIUS NLE, embracing new workflows is easy Case Study (PRV-4091M-1) File size: 636.5 KB, posted Jan 27 2011
    After more than 15 years in the video production business, Rusty Rogers understands how critical it is to leverage the latest technology. yet, while embracing many of the latest new media tools in use today by production professionals, he continues to trust his most important projects to an editing platform that he began using in the mid 1990s—The Grass Valley™ EDIUS® NLE.
  • pdf EPTV: Nonlinear news editing system offers regional broadcaster the right blend of format support, connectivity and flexibility Case Study (PRV-4092M-1) File size: 684.2 KB, posted Jan 27 2011

    EPTV (Emissoras Pioneiras de Televisão) a major affiliate of the TV Globo Network in Brazil and operator of four TV stations, leverages the latest workflow tools in EDIUS® to produce a variety of original programming for daytime broadcasts and archived (on-demand) playback
    Like most television stations making the move to digital in 2007, EPTV was cautious. With studio and field cameras from multiple vendors, EPTV realized it needed a flexible news editing system that would address different acquisition and storage formats. EPTV also wanted a system that could be upgraded, in time, from SD to HD.

    Fitting easily into an analog, SD, or HD workflow, the Grass Valley® EDIUS® editing system made the grade. EDIUS also edits XDCAM and P2-based materials in HD and SD—seamlessly.

    In 2007, EPTV began producing one its landmark shows, "Terra da Gente" ("Land of the People"), in high definition. That same year, the station group also began using EDIUS as its standard for news editing.
  • pdf Avi Sher: Editing On Location Case Study (PRV-4113M) File size: 436.9 KB, posted May 10 2011
    Avi Sher is a busy video editor, serving a broad range of clients in Israel, including the advertising industry. When it comes to online videos, he finds he is regularly being challenged with one big demand: "the advertising and creative companies want the video ASAP!"
    Speed of delivery is just one part of the challenge. For Sher's clients, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. His clients know what they want, they know the business message they want to deliver, and they want to sit with the editor to make sure the video is done right.
  • pdf Abraham Joffe Videographers Australia's (and Possibly the World's) First 3D Wedding Case Study (PRV-4114M-1) File size: 823.3 KB, posted Apr 06 2011

    Abraham Joffe Videographers made the transition from 2D HD to 3D editing with the same EDIUS real-time editing system they have been using all along. EDIUS has good support for 3D, so they were completely familiar and comfortable with the way it works, even in 3D.
  • pdf Whitewater Media Editing Under Fire Case Study (PRV-4115M-1) File size: 904.1 KB, posted Apr 06 2011
    The promotional video, Journey to the Line, which accompanies the album, was shot on location in Iraq, which is how Paul Bates of Whitewater Media, a veteran of the London post production scene and now an independent movie-maker specializing in music, found himself in the middle of the desert, in mid-summer, shooting and editing in a sandstorm.
  • pdf Kathryn O’Leary: EDIUS in News Case Study (PRV-4121M) File size: 733.7 KB, posted Feb 03 2011

    Veteran news editors at an NBC affiliate station in the central New England area understand that when there's a breaking story to tell, they don't have time for technology. That's why they chose the Grass Valley™ EDIUS® HD editing system, as part of a fast and efficient workflow.
    As a veteran news editor on staff at an NBC affiliate station in the central New England area, Kathryn O'Leary likes to work fast. When there's a breaking story to tell, she doesn't have time for technology that bogs her down or makes her wait. That's why she's a big fan of the Grass Valley® EDIUS® nonlinear editing system.

    When her station's news department made the migration to nonlinear editing in the spring of 2008, they chose the latest version of EDIUS primarily because of the system's affordability and real-time performance. The EDIUS software also integrated well with the station's newly installed news production system.
  • pdf Red Union Films: Powder — Real-time, mixed-format post production Case Study (PRV-4133M) File size: 783.2 KB, posted Jun 28 2011

    Owning their own EDIUS systems has enabled Red Union Films to respond to all the creative variables that happen in independent filmmaking, while allowing them to maintain complete control over production from the beginning to the very end.
    Red Union Films: 'Powder' Red Union Films is an independent movie production company, based in the north-west of England. It enjoyed great success with its 2009 feature film Awaydays, and has just completed the adaptation of another Kevin Sampson novel, Powder, about the rise and fall of a rock band.

    For Awaydays, Red Union Films invested in its own editing facilities, based on the Grass Valley® EDIUS, and this platform continued to do sterling service on Powder. Owning their own EDIUS systems has enabled Red Union Films to respond to all the creative variables that happen in independent filmmaking, while allowing them to maintain complete control over production from the beginning to the very end.
  • pdf Al Caudullo Productions — Tales from the 3D Road at the Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival Case Study (PRV-4149M) File size: 1.2 MB, posted Dec 20 2011
    Al Caudullo of Al Caudullo Productions writes of his experiences shooting in the rugged highlands of western Mongolia using an entirely 3D-based workflow, including working with the new EDIUS® 3D Preview vNLE software from Grass Valley®.

    "During our on-site production, we stretched EDIUS's capabilities to the limit and beyond. It never failed us. We used it in multiple environments, in everything from rugged Mongolian gers to dung-roofed housing. Our immediate concern was to be able to download volumes of 3D footage not only from our cameras and recorders, but to be able to check our dailies. This was to make sure our framing and 3D were within spec and keeping within the storyline. EDIUS was a marvel to work with, easily creating stereo pairs and stereo adjusting using only the Toshiba laptop and a 24-inch LG 3D CinemaDisplay monitor. It was a hit with our hosts and the eagle trainers who flocked around the screen in 3D glasses and adapted to watching 3D as naturally as they would call to their eagles."
  • pdf Comfortably Numb: Grass Valley EDIUS Helps Promote The Pink Floyd Sound Case Study (PRV-4157M) File size: 783.5 KB, posted Mar 09 2012

  • pdf Bruce Austin: Veteran Filmmaker Finds New Efficiencies for 3D with EDIUS Case Study (PRV-4169M) File size: 708.1 KB, posted Nov 02 2012

  • pdf Frogman Productions: Bringing Speed and Sophistication to Small Projects Case Study (PRV-4171M) File size: 578.0 KB, posted Nov 02 2012

  • pdf Frank Ladner – "Hickory Never Bleeds" Case Study (PRV-5186M) File size: 546.1 KB, posted Apr 05 2013
    As most independent filmmakers will tell you, technology should not get in the way of creativity. It should cost-effectively help the process in a highly transparent way. Frank Ladner said he came to use EDIUS in a very accidental way. He was looking for a stable system after years of frustration using other systems. He got a free 30-day demo version of EDIUS, was easily able to put together a music video with it, and was quite impressed with its features and speed. He soon purchased a full version for his new project.
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  • video Grass Shoots – EDIUS Pro 6.5: posted Aug 29 2012
  • video GV STRATUS at Māori Television – GV360: posted Oct 11 2012
    Māori Television in New Zealand needed to rebuild its infrastructure while remaining on-air. Grass Valley worked with Maori Television to design and implement a complete file-based service-oriented architecture.
  • video EDIUS at Raycom Media – GV360: posted Aug 12 2013
    Utilizing a common platform across its 50 owned and or operated outlets Raycom Media has nearly 900 seats of EDIUS, sharing content between adjacent markets and regions.

    Using the efficient workflow of P2 acquisition and EDIUS editing in the field or by having Editors co-located with Producers back at the station Raycom is able to enable quick turn around the highest technology available to get their stores to air fast.

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  • pdf The Benefits of HQX White Paper —by Akira Takemoto, Digital Editing Solutions, (GVB-1-0027A-EN-WP) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Sep 26 2014
    This paper discusses the Intermediate Codec solutions available from several vendors which are then compared in terms of picture quality, flexibility and suitability for use with graphics as well as video. In like-for-like tests, the Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, HQX Intermediate Codec offers comparable picture quality and is shown to have superior multigenerational performance. When combined with frame rate and resolution flexibility, plus built-in alpha channel support, this paper supports the conclusion that HQX is the best choice for creative editing.
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