T2 Express, Pro, and Elite Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder

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  • html T2 Express, Pro, and Elite iDDRs webpage (web-t2.x)
    Grass Valley designed the compact 3-channel (1-record/2-playback) T2 intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR)  to be flexible, cost-effective and high-performing with three levels of storage configurations — Express, Pro and Elite. T2's advanced nonlinear production features, combined with time tested, VTR-like controls, give you the ultimate in versatility and flexibility. T2 supports a variety of SD and HD formats, and effortlessly integrates into your IT environment for exceptional picture quality and increase efficiencies.

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  • pdf Live Event Playback Application Note —by Joe Paryzek, (GVB-1-0118A-EN-AN) File size: 1.2 MB, posted Dec 08 2014

    The Advantages of Professional Solutions Versus General-Purpose Computers and Software for Live Event Playback in Various Professional Environments
  • pdf Using EDIUS to Prepare 4K (QFHD) Material for Playback on Two T2 iDDRs Application Note —by Fumiaki Oguru, (GVB-1-0182B-EN-AN) File size: 3.2 MB, posted Feb 02 2015
    With the introduction of affordable 4K cameras, this higher resolution video format — four times the resolution of HD — is becoming increasingly popular for multiscreen events, digital signage and projection mapping. This application note explains how to use the EDIUS nonlinear editing system from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to create 4K material for subsequent playback by two synchronized Grass Valley T2 iDDR digital player/recorders.
  • pdf Preparing Two T2 iDDRs for Synchronized 4K Playback Application Note —by Rio Onishi, (GVB-1-0183B-EN-AN) File size: 1.4 MB, posted Sep 30 2014
    The Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, T2 iDDR has two independent, Full HD output channels that can be used for multiscreen events, digital signage and projection mapping when playback is synchronized. This application note explains how to set up multiple T2 units for synchronized playback.
  • pdf Edit-in-Place on a T2 Elite-A Application Note (GVB-1-0295A-EN-AN) File size: 1.6 MB, posted Jan 09 2015
    Since SP 2.0, NLE software can edit HQ or XDCAM clips directly on the T2 Elite-A model — also referred to as "edit-in-place." This significantly speeds up the workflow because there is no need to transfer or convert media assets. This Application Note explains how edit-in-place works, using popular Macintosh and Windows NLE software.
  • pdf Settings for Timecode Chasing for T2 Express/Pro/Elite Application Note (GVB-1-0316C-EN-AN) File size: 1.7 MB, posted Apr 22 2015
    With Service Pack 2.0, released in November 2014, any T2 Express/Pro/Elite from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has the ability to synchronize its two playback channels using longitudinal timecode (LTC). This is frequently used when integrating video segments into on-stage support, as well as for lighting cues and click tracks. This Application Note explains how to configure T2(s) for timecode chasing.
  • pdf EDIUS & T2 Elite/Pro/Express: Transferring Media Between an EDIUS NLE and the T2 iDDR Running Service Pack 1.3A Application Note —by Fred Van Galen, (GVB-1-0454A-EN-AN) File size: 1.8 MB, posted Sep 13 2014

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  • pdf Takenaka: The T2 iDDR Takes Center Stage At Live Events Where High-Definition Video Plays A Starring Role Case Study (GVB-1-0327A-EN-CS) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Sep 26 2014

    At The Star Festival 2009, a popular dance music event held in Osaka, Japan, the Grass Valley T2 iDDR served as the main playout device to ensure error-free file management and projection of HD content for a number of captivating video performances.
    Takenaka offers a unique brand of event staging—called LiveTechnical—which uses state-of-the-art technology to create mind-blowing visual extravaganzas. The Star Festival 2009, an event co-produced by Takenaka in Osaka, was one of their most spectacular events of the year, perfectly demonstrating their technical and creative prowess in this field. When planning this prestigious event, the LiveTechnical team wanted an exciting stage show enriched by more high-definition imagery than they'd ever used before. They wanted to use video in new and exciting ways.

    In addition to providing crystal-clear HD video and rock-solid performance, the solution also had to be easy to use and compatible with the other equipment they were using. Grass Valley T2 fitted the bill perfectly. One of the key features of the T2 iDDR is its intuitive user interface. This meant that VJs at the event had live control over two independent HD playback channels. Compatibility with switchers, professional projectors, and other staging equipment is also no problem, thanks to HD-SDI connectivity.
  • pdf XL Video: Putting On A Great Show With The Best Equipment In The Industry Case Study (GVB-1-0328A-EN-CS) File size: 906.2 KB, posted Sep 26 2014

    With strong client demand, rental and staging company XL Video has added new Grass Valley cameras, video production switchers, and intelligent digital disk (iDDR) recorders to its arsenal.
    XL Video, an award-winning provider of video equipment and services, supports many of the world's most high-profile live sports and entertainment events. When its equipment and technicians arrive on site, things get done quickly and correctly. There are no second chances. That's why the premiere rental and staging company—with locations in Europe, Russia, the UK, and the US—continues to update its growing inventory with the latest standardand high-definition video production equipment from Grass Valley®. XL Video recently added several new Grass Valley LDK Series SD and HD cameras, Kayak™ video production switchers, and six T2 intelligent digital disk (iDDR) recorders to its arsenal.
  • pdf Creative Technology Group: Getting Creative With T2 At The 2010 Detroit Auto Show Case Study (GVB-1-0480A-EN-CS) File size: 689.4 KB, posted Nov 14 2014

    The Creative Technology crew uses Grass Valley's T2 iDDR within a file-based workflow to create some of the most captivating multimedia presentations for live AV events, like those created for Ford at the Detroit Auto Show.
    Creative Technology is an internationally recognized professional audio visual staging services provider with locations in the US, UK, Germany, Dubai, China, and Singapore. They have worked with many of the major automobile manufacturers around the world to help announce new products in the most imaginative way. Along with all of the exotic cars and prototype vehicles on display at the annual North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) convention, held in Detroit, the event is also renown for its sophisticated live multimedia presentations that vie for attendees' attention.

    To automatically play back pre-recorded video on large screen displays at the 2010 NAIAS convention at Detroit's Cobo Hall in January, Creative Technology used a unique, file-based digital disk recorder—the T2 intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) from Grass Valley® to drive numerous high-definition video screens in support of the recurring live presentations.
  • pdf Santo Tomas Professional Institute Case Study (GVB-1-0540A-EN-CS) File size: 953.7 KB, posted Feb 03 2016
    Santo Tomas Professional Institute, Chile

    CHALLENGES: Upgrade to high definition while providing students a professional working environment with the same broadcast equipment being used throughout Chile

    SOLUTION: Production solutions including six LDX 80 Flex software-upgradable cameras, Karrera K-Frame S-series switcher with two 2 M/E control panels, two Kaleido-X16 multiviewers, two T2 iDDRs and Densité modular interfaces

    BENEFITS: In addition to using equipment found in broadcast and productions facilities throughout Chile, the Institute is also a Grass Valley Authorized Service Provider, with its instructors certified by Grass Valley
  • pdf Victory Tour Production and the BABYMETAL Tour Case Study (GVB-1-0598A-EN-CS) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Aug 14 2016
    Victory Tour Production, Denmark

    CHALLENGE: A high-quality, multichannel playout device for a live show with a DVD recording component.

    SOLUTION T2 Express 2 for ease-of-use and control.

    BENEFIT: Mission-critical playout for live events.
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