Kayenne Video Production Center

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  • html Kayenne Video Production Center webpage
    Kayenne with K-Frame brings the highest level of performance available to live productions with the innovative features and upgradability only from Grass Valley. You can mount the unique Kayenne control flat or in a banked curve, and configure Kayenne with full multiformat support including 1080p and 4K. And its familiar design makes it ideal for environments where freelancers are employed. When needed, Kayenne can adapt to offer up to 192 inputs, 96 outputs and up to 9 M/Es with six keyers in every full M/E.

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  • pdf Loading a "Classic" Kayenne/Karrera Show to a Kayenne/Karrera K-Frame Application Notes (GVB-1-0145A-EN-AN) File size: 416.1 KB, posted Sep 30 2014
    With tight schedules and increased production requirements, getting shows set-up and moved from location to location in a fast and efficient manner is critical. This document is a guide to help accomplish such a migration when a show was originated with a classic Kayenne/Karrera frame and needs to implemented on a newer K-Frame.
  • pdf The Kayenne ClipStore Application Note —by David Casper, (GVB-1-0152A-EN-AN) File size: 3.1 MB, posted Sep 30 2014
    The Kayenne ClipStore from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, incorporates K2 media server technology by embedding either a 4-channel K2 Summit or a 2-channel K2 Solo. Each of these server channels records and plays a video and key pair. The ClipStore video and key are kept in one single file (not two files) so that video, key and audio are always synchronized without the need to gang channels.
  • pdf Using the Kayenne 4.5 M/E for “5D” Production Application Notes —by Compiled by Greg Huttie, Director of Switcher Product Marketing, (GVB-1-0154A-EN-AN) File size: 710.1 KB, posted Dec 11 2014
    A single Kayenne Video Production Center switcher can provide a complete solution for simultaneously producing a show in 2D and 3D.
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  • pdf Game Creek Video: Veteran Production Company Builds HD and 3D Live Sports Future on Grass Valley Kayenne Platform Case Study (GVB-1-0143A-EN-CS) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Dec 11 2014
    Game Creek Video has been using Kayenne switchers successfully for the past two years. The company is currently finishing work on two more 3Gb/s HD and 3D capable production trucks.
    Game Creek Video, Hudson, N.H. US

    APPLICATION: Live HD and 3D Sports Production

    EVENTS: NFL (including the Super Bowl), NCAA basketball and football (including the BCS Championship), NBA (including the NBA Finals), NASCAR (including the Daytona 500), the World Series, and many other premiere broadcast events in North America.
  • pdf Lyon Video: Putting Flexibility First Case Study (GVB-1-0146A-EN-CS) File size: 930.2 KB, posted Sep 15 2014
    For its latest, state-of-the-art mobile production trucks, named LYON-11 and LYON-12, Columbus, Ohio-based Lyon Video wanted to make sure that HD format flexibility was front and center. That's important because it works with a variety of clients that all have different needs and requirements. They could be producing a 1080i shoot for NBC Sports one day and a 720p production for ABC/ESPN the next, so their equipment must support both.

    To further support its strategy of flexibility, Lyon Video wanted to be able to work in whatever venue their clients needed them at, regardless of whether it was pre-wired with triax of fiber. To that end, Lyon Video began testing the Grass Valley® 3G Transmission system in 2011 for ESPN and the University of Texas' Longhorn Network located in Austin.
  • pdf Manhattan Center Productions Juggling multiple clients with Kayenne makes good business sense Case Study (GVB-1-0147A-EN-CS) File size: 812.0 KB, posted Sep 15 2014
    Manhattan Center Productions (MCP), a full-service production facility in New York City, sought to rebuild their main high-definition (HD) production studio—Studio 1. After their last full-time clients had completed their production schedule, a decision was made to completely rebuild the studio and all new live production technologies were installed.

    Essentially starting with a clean slate, Marvin Williams, Director of Video Engineering & Operations at MCP, said he knew they needed the latest video switching technology and that it had to be future-proof. It also had to come with a small footprint as rack real estate was at a premium, considering the equipment used by the other studios MCP operates from the same facility. With all of this (and more) in mind, Williams and his team chose a new Grass Valley® Kayenne® Video Production Center switcher for Studio 1's new state-of-the-art production control room.
  • pdf Mediatec Broadcast Sweden Grass Valley cameras and switchers cover the event for SVT and the world Case Study (GVB-1-0148A-EN-CS) File size: 1.0 MB, posted Sep 15 2014
    Using a Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center switcher, outside broadcast provider Mediatec Broadcast Sweden helped national broadcaster SVT provide live coverage of the first royal wedding in the country in more than 30 years
    Wedding days are always special, but if you are the heir to a throne, you can expect even more attention. In June of 2010, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married Daniel Westling. It was the first royal wedding in Sweden for more than 30 years, and interest was high, at home and abroad. For the wedding day itself, three of Mediatec's largest, double-expanding OB vans were parked outside the Royal Palace. At the heart of each was a Grass Valley® Kayenne® Video Production Center switcher, bringing all the feeds together and giving the directors the creative freedom to add multiple layers of graphics and effects, as required. Apart from some remote cameras in tight spaces in the church, all the pictures came from Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite cameras.
  • pdf Mobile TV Group: Taking to the road with Grass Valley Case Study (GVB-1-0149A-EN-CS) File size: 750.5 KB, posted Sep 15 2014
    Mobile TV Group (MTVG) operates one of the largest fleets of trucks in the US; each equipped with the latest high-definition live sports and entertainment production equipment from Grass Valley.
    Each time MTVG builds a new truck reliability in its chosen technology is key. MTVG relies on the Kayenne®, Kalypso®, and Kayak™ video production switchers, LDK Series HD cameras, and Trinix® NXT multiformat routers to help produce more than 4,000 sports and entertainment events each year.

    Over the past seventeen years, Mobile TV Group and Colorado Studios (which builds MTVG's trucks) have designed and built a wide variety of SD and HD mobile production trucks, which now cover both the home and away games of about half of the NBA, NHL, and MLB teams in the US.
  • pdf Nine Network Australia: Kayenne streamlines production at Nine Network Australia for a variety of program types Case Study (GVB-1-0150A-EN-CS) File size: 824.9 KB, posted Sep 15 2014
    With the new Kayenne Video Production Center the technical director (TD) staff of Nine Network Australia feel like the production possibilities now available to them are limitless.
    Before making any decisions on a new switcher, the engineering staff at Nine Network Australia conducted the proper due diligence and researched four other manufacturers' products, just to be sure they were making the right decision.

    Gary Newnham, Video Switcher Director at Nine Network Australia, sat down and played with the new Kayenne Video Production Center at several trade shows and it had instant visual appeal for him. With its RGB buttons, OLED displays, and ergonomic design, it looked ready to take on the 21st century.
  • pdf RodeoHouston: Riding the Grass Valley Kayenne hard at the three-week Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Case Study (GVB-1-0151A-EN-CS) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Sep 15 2014
    Understanding the importance of reliability and format flexibility RodeoHouston placed a pair of new Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center switchers For their main event the three-week Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
    The Broadcast and AV division of RodeoHouston is responsible for producing every video element that is displayed throughout Reliant Park in Houston, Texas. This includes high-quality content supporting all of the thousands of video displays of all sizes located within Reliant Stadium, Reliant Arena, Reliant Center, and the Reliant Astrodome.

    For their main event, the three-week Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, they use Grass Valley Kayenne switchers to produce coverage of the rodeo and all of the activities surrounding it. Segments are displayed on eight large screens in Reliant Stadium, hundreds of monitors located throughout Reliant Park, and the Fox Sports Network.
  • pdf Trio Video: When it has to work, it has to be Grass Valley Case Study (GVB-1-0153A-EN-CS) File size: 1.1 MB, posted Sep 15 2014
    For Trio Video, the show must go on... and with Grass Valley live production equipment, it does just that, each and every time.
    When your company is producing two to three live sports and entertainment events per day (and up to ten per week), virtually all year round, you don't have time for equipment failures or unhappy clients. That's why Trio Video, a premiere video production services company based in Chicago, Ill., relies on Grass Valley cameras, production switchers, and routers to keep their projects up and running.
  • pdf University Of Oklahoma: Kayenne gives SoonerVision the production tools to match its athletic achievements Case Study (GVB-1-0509A-EN-CS) File size: 823.2 KB, posted Apr 27 2015
    University of Oklahoma (OU) stands out both for its athletic prowess and its ability to cover its various sports teams with the latest HD video production gear.
    University of Oklahoma (OU) stands out both for its athletic prowess and its ability to cover its various sports teams with the latest HD video production gear. For the ultimate in production flexibility, SoonerVision uses two Kayenne panels—a 3 M/E for the new control room, and a 2 M/E which replaced the Kayak (which was traded in to Grass Valley) in the original control room.
  • pdf NINE Adelaide: State-of-the-Art Robotics System Pays Off for New HD News Production Studio Case Study (GVB-1-0558A-EN-CS) File size: 866.6 KB, posted Sep 23 2016
    NINE Adelaide, Australia
    Produces 90 minutes of live news per day, with live interconnects with NINE Network Australia

    CHALLENGE: Build a new news production studio that would provide a better on-air product in HD, as well as ease of use.

    SOLUTION: • Karrera 3 M/E switcher with 3 M/E panel • 6x RS-LDX Elite C80 LDX Compact cameras with integrated robotic heads and Canon broadcast lenses • 6x Floor-mounted Telemetrics EP6 elevating pedestals (5 dolly-based) • Telemetrics Studio Control System with touchscreen • 2x Telemetrics Remote Control Panel controller systems • 6x 17-inch CueScript teleprompters, with hood • 6x 22-inch CueScript prompter talent monitors mounted using Telemetrics confidence monitor mounts
  • pdf Game Creek Video: Game Creek Video Relies Exclusively On Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame Switchers For Major Sporting Events: Case Study (GVB-1-0568A-EN-CS) File size: 1.3 MB, posted Apr 12 2016
    Game Creek Video, US

    CHALLENGE: To maintain production consistency throughout its fleet of production trucks.

    SOLUTION: Equipping every production truck with a Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame Video Production Center switcher.

    BENEFITS: Increased productivity to help clients tell better stories The ability for TDs to move seamlessly between trucks with a common switcher platform.
  • pdf Trinity Fellowship A Christmas Crisis: How A Multisite Church Replaced — And Enhanced — Its Broadcasts Just In Time For The Holidays With Kayenne K-Frame Case Study (GVB-1-0570A-EN-CS) File size: 1.2 MB, posted Apr 12 2016
    Trinity Fellowship, US

    CHALLENGE: Days before Thanksgiving 2015, a lightning strike forced Trinity Fellowship to replace a key production switcher that failed due to a loss of cooling and extreme overheating. Trinity Fellowship, a church with over 13,000 members, relies on its broadcast center for content shown on seven campuses.

    SOLUTION: Grass Valley collaborated with the church's equipment dealer, organizing a complete proposal with revisions in less than 24 hours. The church then issued a purchase order for a 4.5 M/E Kayenne K-Frame Video Production Center switcher in less than a week, and during the service on Dec. 4, 2015 — only 11 days later — the switcher debuted.

    BENEFITS: The Kayenne K-Frame immediately improved E-MEM timeline automation and offered many other workflow and visual production technique enhancements.
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  • pdf QuickView of Grass Valley Products & Solutions (GVB-1-0263J-EN-GV) File size: 6.0 MB, posted Apr 27 2017
    Combining its deep knowledge of broadcast and media workflows, with its extensive knowledge of media processing and management, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, empowers the production and delivery of exceptional media experiences to viewers worldwide, regardless of platform. As the premier Solutions Provider for the Live Production, News and Playout market segments, Grass Valley's reach can be felt in almost every piece of professional media consumed today.

    At Grass Valley, our size and stability gives us the strength to withstand the cyclical nature of the broadcast/media business while continuing to invest in innovation. This means we can deliver new technologies for efficiency today and innovation tomorrow.

    With over 400 video and broadcast technology patents, 20 Emmy® Awards for technical achievement and innovation, and significant research and development investment, Grass Valley provides the tools, systems and services required by today's media organizations to maintain profitability and market share.

    Headquartered in Montreal, Grass Valley is part of St. Louis-based Belden Inc. As a proven, strategic leader in industrial, enterprise and broadcast market solutions, Belden gives Grass Valley the ability to scale rapidly and invest in innovations that are driving the industry forward.
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  • pdf IP I/O for K-Frame Video Processing Engine: SMPTE 2022-6 Uncompressed IP & 4K over 1-Wire TICO-compressed IP Datasheet (GVB-1-0500C-EN-DS) File size: 712.3 KB, posted Sep 13 2015
    Simplifying the transition to video-over-IP.
    The K-Frame video processing engine for the Karrera and Kayenne Video Production Center switchers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, offers outstanding format flexibility, with easy "mixing & matching" of IP and SDI formats for a phased migration to video-over-IP. You can mix 4K over 1-wire TICO compressed IP with 1080p SDI, and SMPTE 2022-6 uncompressed IP with HD-SDI.
  • pdf Grass Valley Innovation: 4K Production Datasheet (GVB-1-0555A-EN-DS) File size: 6.3 MB, posted Feb 19 2016
    The question is not Is 4K in my future? The question is When must I be ready to compete in a 4K media world?
    THE AMOUNT AND AVAILABILITY OF MEDIA INCREASES, the demand for viewers increases as well. Broadcasters and media companies
    must leverage every advantage. In today's media landscape, that includes 4K, as it is expected that 140 million homes will be watching 4K programming
    by 2020.
    Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is leading the way with 4K production solutions in all major product categories that help broadcasters and media companies
    produce 4K now to tell better stories that capture viewers and keep them glued to the action.
  • pdf Production Switchers: Performance and Mid-Range Switcher Catalog (GVB-1-0572C-EN-DS) File size: 4.4 MB, posted Jan 23 2017
    Production switchers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, are engineered for fast, efficient and creative productions. Operations are optimized with easy to load show programming, responsive automation and powerful features using macros and timelines. As an integral component of creating live television coverage of sports, entertainment and news from both studio and mobile installations, Kayenne, Karrera and GV Korona panels include familiar controls and intuitive interfaces. These systems define the industry standard operation, so training costs are lower and finding operators is easier.
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  • pdf Arena TV World’s First All-IP, 4K UHD OB Fleet Technical Brief (GVB-1-01615-EN-TB) File size: 2.4 MB, posted Nov 04 2016
    Arena TV, UK

    CHALLENGE: Create the world's first all-IP, UHD OB fleet.

    SOLUTION: Grass Valley and Arena, with technology partner Cisco, designed a network topology using a spine and leaf configuration, based around a 2.88 Tb/s Nexus switch.

    BENEFITS: OBX is completely flexible, format-wise, and can be configured for 4K UHD, 3G, HD, even SD, without the need to re-cable.

    Lighter payload compared with Quad-SDI solutions, and equipment can be distributed more evenly around the OB truck (unlike a conventional SDI router).
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  • video Game Creek Video – GV Spotlight: posted Mar 07 2013
    GV Spotlight on Game Creek Video at Super Bowl 2013
  • video Kayenne Video Production Center: posted Mar 02 2011
    Grass Valley's award-winning Kayenne Switcher is the gold standard for broadcast professionals worldwide: for producing marquee events in sports, entertainment, and news. Learn why in this introduction to the video series.
  • video Introduction: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 1 – Say Yes To Any Production: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 2 – Modularity At Its Best: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 3 – New Menu Control System: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 4 – Camera Integration: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 5 – Panel Ergonomics: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 6 – It’s All About Control: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 7 – Aux Bus Transitions: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 8 – Key Chaining: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 9 – Image Store & ClipStore: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Chapter 10 – 3D Mode & Operation: posted Mar 02 2011
  • video Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorials: posted Feb 07 2013
    A multi-part series of configuration tutorials on the Grass Valley® Kayenne® Video Production Centers and Karrera® Video Production Centers where up will learn the basics of configurations settings, source control, file operations, and more.
         1. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - System Startup
         2. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Suites Setup
         3. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - System Video Settings
         4. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Source Definition
         5. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Output Definition
         6. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Button Mapping
         7. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - File Operations
         8. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Ports and Devices
         9. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Device Control
         10. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Clip Store Configuration
         11. Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorial - Examining Frame Logs

  • video Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorials: posted Feb 07 2013
    A multi-part series of operational tutorials on the Grass Valley® Kayenne® Video Production Centers and Karrera® Video Production Centers where up will learn about transition panes, keyer controls, and E-MEM basics.
          1. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - Transition Panel
          2. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - Keyer Controls
          3. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - E-MEM Intro
          4. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial – E-MEM Getting Started
          5. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - E-MEM Sequences
          6. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - Master E-MEM Levels
          7. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial – E-MEM Timelines
          8. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - Multi Level Timelines
          9. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - Sub Levels
          10. Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorial - E-MEM Path Control

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  • html Kayenne Interactive
    Take a tour of the Kayenne Video Production Center, a new family of production switchers from Grass Valley.
  • html Take Five with Grass Valley
    Take Five minutes. Relax. Listen to a snappy tune. And learn more about five great Grass Valley products.
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  • pdf The Changing Dynamics of Digital Media Publishing, Live Streaming and Social Interactivity “BRIEF” White Paper —by Alex Holtz, Director, Segment Marketing & Digital Media Solutions Régis André, Senior Director Product Management, Digital Media Workflows, (GVB-1-0479A-EN-WP) File size: 1.6 MB, posted Nov 12 2014
    Digital media ecosystems are transitioning at the speed of light to meet consumer demand for video consumption anywhere, anytime and on any device.

    This dramatically impacts broadcast media producers and distributors as workflows that were once facility-centric are now expected to seamlessly address and integrate with "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) or "Platform-as-a-Service" (PaaS) online cloud-based solutions. Systems for transcoding, targeted advertising, ad decisioning, rights management, social media, content management and online video all need to be considered for content delivery.

    There are significant challenges facing broadcasters as they drive
    both local and network facilities to maximize efficiencies and drive
    throughput to address the demands of digital media.
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