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Sky Racing Australia’s Sky Racing Takes Live Sports Production onto the STRATUS Platform Case Study

Among the services that Sky Racing offers both broadcasters and the wagering public in Australia is real-time thoroughbred, greyhound, and harness racing coverage aggregated from a large number of venues disparately located across the country and internationally. The aim of the presentation is to be clear and for it to be easily understood. Last year alone, it helped televise and stream online more than 83,000 races. To do this requires a vast amount of staff coordination and the most advanced live video production and distribution technology.

Carl Petch, Chief Engineer at Sky Racing, based in Frenchs Forrest (north Sydney), said with the ever-growing number of platforms—TV, Internet, and mobile—his staff has to support, the need for efficiency and fast turnaround times has never been stronger. To do this cost-effectively, the company has become the first commercial customer for the new Grass Valley® STRATUS™ software-based media workflow application framework that brings a number of Sky Racing’s content creation departments under the same graphical user interface.

Posted Aug 29 2014 (GVB-1-0049A-EN-CS) File Size: 617.1 KB

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Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Case Study

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Japan

CHALLENGE: To upgrade its current tape-based workflow to a complete nonlinear system

SOLUTION: GV STRATUS, K2 SAN storage, K2 Summit, EDIUS HDWS 3GS Elite turnkey editing system, GeckoFlex

BENEFITS: A streamlined, collaborative, and efficient workflow with multiformat nonlinear editing capabilities and a high-performance media server

Posted Aug 28 2014 (GVB-1-0031A-EN) File Size: 1.1 MB

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Playboy Plus 3D Case Study

Playboy Plus, US

CHALLENGE: To find a 3D post production solution that worked as well as a 2D solution, without adding additional import and render time

SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS with STORM 3G SDI/HDMI card for real-time drop to timeline 3D editing

BENEFITS: Ability to fix a variety of problems in post using the EDIUS Layouter

Posted Aug 27 2014 (GVB-1-0025A-EN-CS) File Size: 804.0 KB

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Pipe Village Trust Case Study

Pipe Village Trust, UK

CHALLENGE: Creating a high-end documentary film in remote parts of India on a tight budget and production schedule

SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 multiformat nonlinear editing software

BENEFITS: A reliable multiformat, real-time editing platform with superb functionality

Posted Aug 27 2014 (GVB-1-0024A-EN-CS) File Size: 995.1 KB

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Russ Jenish: At the Top of His Game With Grass Valley's K2 Dyno Case Study

Russ Jenisch, live sports director/producer, US

Creating engaging replays and highlight packages for high-profile sports teams such as the NFL's Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

Two Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay Systems.

A comprehensive and reliable replay system that dramatically expands the possibilities of live sports productions.

Posted Apr 25 2014 (SDP-6118M) File Size: 430.0 KB

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Los Angeles International Airport Case Study

LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports), US


CHALLENGE: Constructing a massive LED architectural component that provides 24/7/365 updates and information to the airport's millions of passengers

Seven Grass Valley K2 Summit transmission servers

BENEFITS: A proven system that consistently manages video and provides a level of redundancy, allowing for 24/7 operations

Posted Feb 07 2014 (SDP-5114M) File Size: 463.5 KB

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New England School of Communications Case Study

New England School of Communications (NESCom), Based in Bangor, ME, NESCom offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Communications Technology, Media Studies, and Entertainment Production.

CHALLENGES: The need for a high-end video production switcher for its mobile production truck that offers a simple interface and quick learning curve to ready students for real-world applications

SOLUTION: Karrera Video Production Center

BENEFITS: The ability for students to learn basic, yet important, functions such as quick transitions within a short time frame in order to prepare them for careers in broadcasting and media production

Posted Nov 22 2013 (LPS-5053M) File Size: 530.7 KB

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Christian Church Casa De Dios Case Study

Christian Church Casa de Dios (House of God) is the largest and fastest growing house of worship in Guatemala. They selected Grass Valley® solutions to deliver high-quality programs to their audience and for the members of their congregation.

Posted Nov 19 2013 (CAM-5094M) File Size: 549.7 KB

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Videorogues Richy Parkin/Keith Urban (Kayak HD) Case Study

Richy Parkin, director/owner, Videorogues — Directing live onstage video for the 2013 Keith Urban U.S. Tour

CHALLENGES: Delay between transitions

SOLUTION: Kayak HD 3 M/E video production switcher with Spektra enhancement

BENEFITS: Multiple macros, a quick response time, and versatility

Posted Nov 05 2013 (LPS-5052M) File Size: 540.6 KB

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Pistas Argentinas-Ironbox SA Case Study

Pistas Argentinas-Ironbox SA, Argentina Produces Automovilismo para Todos (Motorsport for Everyone) 42 weekends per year

CHALLENGES: A live production solution that can handle the demands of auto racing, including cable runs up to 1,800m (5,905 ft.)

SOLUTION: Grass Valley LDK 8000 and LDK 8300 Super SloMo cameras, K2 Dyno Replay Systems, and a Karrera Video Production Center switcher

BENEFITS: Superb imagery with slow-motion to capture the events and emotions of auto racing

Posted Nov 01 2013 (GV-5114M) File Size: 780.4 KB

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tvOne Case Study

From its new studio, tvOne broadcasts a mixture of news, sports, and entertainment, distributed via terrestrial TV service. Djatmiko S.A.S, manager of technical support at tvOne, intended to provide viewers a showcase of what tvOne can do in terms of producing the best programs for its growing audience. This meant installing the latest video production equipment, including six new Grass Valley® LDK 3000 HD cameras and a new Grass Valley Kayak™ 3 M/E HD production switcher.

Posted Sep 27 2013 (GV-5113M) File Size: 576.1 KB

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Wellen + Nöthen: Capturing the Sights and Sounds of Germany Case Study

Delivering high-end hardware and software products for Wellen+Nöthen’s wide range of broadcast and media clients as well as instant replay systems for use on live events including concerts and sports
Several Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay Systems that enable Wellen+Nöthen to deliver high-quality instant replay systems to their growing pool of live production clients.

Posted Sep 22 2013 (SDP-5109M) File Size: 667.7 KB

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TheFrank Aldana Case Study

A Journey of Peace with EDIUS and the world’s largest peace mural

TheFrank Aldana (yes, he refers to himself in the third person), his wife Tweet Aldana, and a host of volunteers took on photography and videography duties. This resulted in 9,454 pictures and 1,101 (more than 11 hours) of video clips, captured with just about every device imaginable in a multitude of formats.

With the ability to work natively with just about any kind of media you throw at it, Grass Valley® EDIUS® made the sheer volume of footage somewhat less daunting for Aldana.

Posted Sep 13 2013 (PRV-5186M) File Size: 523.3 KB

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Thistle Communications (K2 Dyno and K2 Summit) Case Study

As Thistle Communications clients' expectations grew, they knew the days of tape playback and recording were over and that they had to provide an HD, file-based solution. In converting their senior mobile unit to offer a compact footprint that takes a cost-effective approach in delivering world-class HD video productions.

Thistle's senior HD production truck houses a rich mix of HD technology, including a Grass Valley® K2 Dyno® Replay System with a K2 Summit® media server—which filled the company's need for a dependable and fast-acting replay system for live sports productions.

Posted Jun 27 2013 (SDP-5105M) File Size: 534.8 KB

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WENY-HD (Kayak HD) Case Study

For smaller, local television stations such as WENY-HD in the Elmira, New York DMA (market 174), serving the central and western Twin Tiers of upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania, the importance of delivering the highest possible image quality and news content is paramount to winning the ratings battle in an extremely competitive TV market. The ability to offer HD services to viewers plays an important role in enabling stations like WENY-HD to stand out from its competitors.

After assessing the production switchers on the market, Lilly Broadcasting chose the Grass Valley® Kayak™ 1 M/E HD digital production switcher and a series of GeckoFlex™ modular technologies to help enable the transformation of WENY-TV to WENY-HD.

Posted Jun 24 2013 (LPS-5050M) File Size: 504.5 KB

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First Baptist Dallas Case Study

First Baptist Church of Dallas has rolled out a full HD production system to broadcast church services in high-definition (HD) under low-light conditions for domestic television, radio, and international web audiences. The system allows them to produce high-end program streams for image magnification, broadcast, and the Internet simultaneously. The solution features the latest Grass Valley production technologies, including nine LDK 8000 Elite series cameras and a Karrera® Video Production Center switcher.

Posted May 28 2013 (GV-5112M) File Size: 444.2 KB

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Lyon Video Road Testing the New LDX Series Camera at Sebring International Raceway Case Study

The new Grass Valley® LDX Series™ of software upgradable cameras were road tested during the 61st Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring—part of the American Le Mans Series of Formula One racing—held March 2013 at the Sebring International Raceway in Florida. Veteran mobile production company Lyon Video, based in Columbus, Ohio, used a dozen of the new top-of-the-line LDX WorldCam™ cameras. SPEED, owned by Fox Sports, was televising and streaming the race live to Formula One racing fans around the world.

Posted Apr 17 2013 (CAM-5090M-1) File Size: 606.6 KB

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Frank Ladner – "Hickory Never Bleeds" Case Study

As most independent filmmakers will tell you, technology should not get in the way of creativity. It should cost-effectively help the process in a highly transparent way. Frank Ladner said he came to use EDIUS in a very accidental way. He was looking for a stable system after years of frustration using other systems. He got a free 30-day demo version of EDIUS, was easily able to put together a music video with it, and was quite impressed with its features and speed. He soon purchased a full version for his new project.

Posted Apr 05 2013 (PRV-5186M) File Size: 546.1 KB

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Viacom International Media Networks Case Study

When Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) needed a reliable playout solution to handle the rapidly expanding channel count at its two main distribution facilities in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London, they chose the Smart Playout Center™—an automated, multichannel, integrated playout system from Grass Valley®.

Posted Feb 26 2013 (SDP-5092M) File Size: 367.5 KB

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NTV-PLUS Using Grass Valley integrated production infrastructure for high-pressure, mission-critical performance at the London Summer Games Case Study

Leading Russian satellite broadcaster NTV-Plus was planning comprehensive coverage of a number of major sporting events from London in 2012. After reviewing the broad range of international and domestic options, and analyzing the pros and cons, Kolesnikov and his team selected the Grass Valley solution, based on the GV STRATUS® Media Workflow Application Framework.

The GV STRATUS system serves as the heart of an integrated production, post, and distribution system, as NTV-Plus continues to update its operations

Posted Jan 31 2013 (SDP-4087M) File Size: 715.5 KB

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Telegenic, UK: Grass Valley support for Sky Sports coverage of the Ryder Cup Case Study

The 39th Ryder Cup Matches would also be captured in 3D. To make sure that the 3D broadcast had the same level of production quality as the 2D broadcast, producers used a Grass Valley K2 Dyno® Replay System with a K2 Summit media server to instantly QA the 3D footage.

Posted Jan 15 2013 (SDP-4083M) File Size: 686.7 KB

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