Kalypso software download page Kalypso software download page

The recommended Kalypso software update procedure has been changed for increased reliability. Kalypso system files must be saved, authorization code saved, NV Memory cleared, and the system files then must be reloaded. Carefully read the revised installation instructions and follow the procedures precisely.

See Release Notes for a complete description of all the new features and the current software update and back-down instructions. See Release Notes Addendum for information about problems corrected.

The Kalypso VxxxxCD.EXE file is a self-extracting ZIP archive. A high speed (DSL or better) internet connection is recommended since the download is about 175 MB.

You will need a CD-R burner and software to create the Kalypso install CD. The PC used for downloading and burning the install CD does not need to be connected to a Kalypso system.

  1. Download the ZIP archive to your computer hard drive.
  2. Double-click on the file to extract the ZIP archive.
  3. Expand the archive to an empty directory.
  4. Burn the entire contents of that directory to the root of a CD.

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