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Raising the Drawbridge

Part two of two. To continue Scott's analogy from the last post, broadcast facilities may have once have been isolated islands, but today they are solidly linked by the bridges of technology. Let's look at why this connectivity is an advantage, the risks it brings, and what we can do to minimize them — to pull up the drawbridge! We will look at three points of view: the broadcaster's, the consumer's, and the hacker's.

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How Secure is Your Broadcast?

Part one of two. On November 22nd 1987, viewers in Chicago watching WGN-TV's nine o'clock news were interrupted by a strange character appearing on screen. The attacker, wearing a Max Headroom mask, had hijacked the studio link. The event lasted for less than a minute, and was the first widely publicized hack of a broadcast TV station. The hacker has never been identified.

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The Content Revolution – What will the broadcast experience look like in five, ten or twenty years?

It took about 26 years to make the transition from broadcasting black and white to color TV (although color TV would not become popular for almost 10 years as the price of televisions and producing in color became more affordable). Then another 44 years to move from standard to high definition (HD). Then only 18 years to see 4K, and fast forward four years to 8K or 16K or whatever else is on the horizon. And I'm not even including markers for HFR, HDR, increased metadata…

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