Can you dig it, Daddy-O? Kayenne™ is a revolutionary new family of production switchers from Grass Valley™, with 1.5 to 4.5 M/Es, designed for a worldwide market. Kayenne’s intuitive interface provides familiar operation while introducing many innovations that maintain Grass Valley’s legacy of leadership in switcher design and performance. It’s the bomb, baby!

Here are FIVE swell reasons to consider the Kayenne Video Production Center:

Dig the tune?

It’s ‘Take Five’ by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, selected because it was recorded in 1959, the same year that Grass Valley was founded. And 50 years later, we’re both still cool.

View Interactive Timeline: Grass Valley – 50 Years of On-Air Innovation!

FIVE reasons you need Kayenne:

  1. 1) Kayenne allows you to say “yes” to any production request - providing production capability from the very simple to the most complex.  Kayenne is so flexible it is truly out of this world!
    • Kayenne switchers range in size from 1.5 • to 4.5 M/Es, with the half M/E standard in all models.
    • DoubleTake™ (split M/E mode) and FlexiKey™ (programmable clean feed) are standard on all Kayenne models.  FlexiKey supports multi-client live programming with up to four outputs.
    • The complete frame has up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs.
    • Each full M/E has six keyers; four full-function keyers, plus two linear/luminance keyers. Each full-function keyer has two pages (frames) of video and key storage, which free up Image Store outputs. Full-function keyers also have powerful integrated DPMs (iDPM). The half M/E has six linear/luminance keyers.
    • Also available are up to 20 DPM channels, including Kayenne’s powerful new expansion DPM (eDPM).
  2. 2) Kayenne modules are so slick they can be removed and replaced quickly without impacting on-air production
    • All control panel modules are hot-swappable, even while on-air, for ease of servicing.
    • Individual M/E cards are hot-swappable.
    • Power supplies are hot-swappable.
  3. 3) Kayenne is the hippest production switcher you will ever beat on! Kayenne’s new, ergonomically designed control panel offers TDs easier access to all functions, reducing errors and saving time in production. Now that’s groovy!
    • The Kayenne control panel was ergonomically designed for easy button access and can be mounted flat or in a banked curve with selected M/E stripes angled toward the user.
    • Each source select and aux bus module features two rows of OLED source name displays that provide ultra-clear text and ultra-wide viewing angles.
    • All buttons are illuminated with a selection of RGB colors, which dynamically change to indicate context (M/E colors, key colors, source colors, and function colors).
    • Kayenne brings back the split T-Bar for total control of DoubleTake split M/Es.
  4. 4) Are you hip to it, Daddy-O? Competitor switchers cannot compete – they’re gone! New and improved control capabilities will make your TDs so efficient, they’ll be jammin’  on every production
    • Source Rules automatically add and drop keys determined by a rule specific to that source—without using macros or E-MEMs. These rules are executed when the source is selected. Source Rules also provide look-ahead previews for transitions.
    • Define E-MEM exposes 23 sublevels per M/E for partial keyframing and allows assignment of non-M/E sublevels to M/Es for precision control when creating and running effects.
    • 999 macros recalled in many new ways from the panel. Fine tune them with a standalone Macro Editor.
    • Kayenne introduces a Device Control Module (DCM), which supports full-motion control (including jog wheel) for up to 32 devices such as DDRs, VTRs, and Image Store.
    • Q-MEM cues library provides learn and recall of one or more clips on multiple servers/VTRs. Independent of E‑MEM, the library eliminates the need to tie up multiple E-MEM registers with the same effect for different clips. Q-MEM is closely integrated with the panel’s Device Control Module and System Bar.
  5. 5) Dig it! The Kayenne system has eco-friendly features that are easy on your wallet and the environment
    • Kayenne operators enjoy a silent work environment. All processing and fans have been removed from the switcher itself and placed in a Panel Control Unit (PCU) that can be positioned in a rack up to 15 meters away.
    • With a maximum power consumption of 1,000 watts for the 8 RU frame model, Kayenne is also the “greenest” switcher on the planet.