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Grass Valley Adds Integrated Replay and Playout Capabilities To STRATUS Collaborative Framework

San Francisco, Calif., February 24, 2012 — Delivering on the promise it made when the STRATUS™ software architecture framework was announced a year ago, Grass Valley™ continues to add new features and functionality to the platform. The modular design of the STRATUS service oriented architecture (SOA) allows Grass Valley to easily and regularly add new software components to preserve customers' investment and help them leverage and upgrade to the most advanced content creation tools quickly and easily.

Following the introduction of new STRATUS newsroom computer systems plug-ins for AP's ENPS, Octopus, and Avid's iNEWS (allowing users to access all of the tools within STRATUS through their respective newsroom computer systems), the latest software additions help streamline the labor-intensive production processes for logging clips, replaying highlights, and accomplishing multi-layered editing. The updates also facilitate the unlimited sharing of clips and content creation tools between collaborative workgroups or individual users.

In the weeks leading up to NAB 2012, and at the show itself, Grass Valley will debut several new software modules for STRATUS, including tight integration with the Grass Valley K2 Dyno™ Replay System. With this integration, metadata created with the K2 Dyno Replay Controller and stored on the K2 SAN will be immediately available to all other replay operators and all STRATUS users working on the same STRATUS-enabled network. This metadata integration will also be bi-directional, with playlist clips created and saved within STRATUS instantly available for playback on the K2 Dyno Replay System.

"The elegance of the combined K2 Dyno and STRATUS architectures allows Grass Valley to make every clip available to all users instantaneously—without interrupting what others are doing at that moment and without having to dedicate or take away precious server channels for this purpose," said Charlie Dunn, Executive Vice President of Products for Grass Valley. "This seamless workflow is the foundation of the STRATUS platform and is exactly what customers need in order to develop and distribute content fast and with the least amount of effort."

The unique integrated capability within STRATUS means that a K2 Dyno playlist can be treated as an object in STRATUS, while a STRATUS playlist, or a program edited on STRATUS, can be accessed by the K2 Dyno. A K2 Dyno clip also becomes a STRATUS object on the Grass Valley EDIUS® multiformat NLE timeline as well.

"Basically, you can create a highlight in K2 Dyno and know that it's there instantly within a playlist in STRATUS," continued Dunn. "This becomes particularly powerful when it is used in a storage area network environment, which is unique to Grass Valley, which includes one or more K2 Dyno systems working together."

When using the K2 Dyno Replay System in tandem with STRATUS, users can streamline the logging process by creating virtual logging panels within STRATUS to enable fast logging and storage with the click of a mouse—while using the same menu structure as the K2 Dyno system. This gives the team leader more control over finished content (because they preset the parameters by which the clips are logged). All metadata is available to anyone working within STRATUS.

With the leveraging of metadata and the unlimited sharing of content, STRATUS also enables a number of new features not found on any other file based production system. For example, with STRATUS, media clips can be scheduled and then stored in different locations, then played back in real time from anywhere on the STRATUS network, using the same computer workstation client and control (software) interface. This leads to increased productivity and faster project turnaround times.

STRATUS uses the latest version (v8.1) of the Grass Valley K2 Summit™ and K2 Solo™ server and replay platforms as the foundation for all media clips to be stored, shared, and distributed in a fast and highly efficient way. The K2 Summit media server makes low-resolution proxy files available to virtually everyone on a network with proper authorization, via this highly specialized software layer, while also providing the bi-directional bandwidth necessary to move large HD files around a facility.


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