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Grass Valley Live Production Technologies Rolled into Action To Cover the 2012 MLB World Series on FOX

San Francisco, Calif., October 30, 2012 — This year's 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants was broadcast live in HD on FOX Sports using the 720p format and a variety of multiformat HD production solutions from Grass Valley®. The company's systemized equipment has been used to cover the MLB World Series for the past decade, and benefits networks and all types of live sports producers with its cost-effective, file-based production workflow that supports all types of productions with the same technology.

Veteran mobile production company, NEP (Pittsburgh, Pa.) supplied remote facilities in San Francisco and Detroit, while Game Creek (Hudson, N.H.) sent its HD-capable trucks to Detroit for the duration of the series. Each company carries a variety of Grass Valley live production solutions, including: Kayenne® Video Production Center switchers. NEP's NCP 10 carries LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras, a Trinix® NXT digital video routing switcher and a Concerto™ Series routing matrix to provide viewers with the highest quality live sports images.

The World Series began Wednesday, October 24 at AT&T Park in San Francisco and ended four games later in Detroit. The main FOX game feed production at both ball parks was handled by NEP's NCP10 truck.

Game Creek's Dynasty all-digital HD truck, stationed in Detroit for the series, and complete with a 96-input Kayenne video switcher, handled all of the live cameras located throughout Detroit's Comerica Park.

NEP also used its SS16 and SS11 (in Detroit and San Francisco, respectively) for game-related coverage on the MLB Network. Both trucks carry a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, while SS11 also relies on Trinix and Concerto routing switchers under the control of Grass Valley Jupiter™ control system.

LYON Video (Columbus, Ohio) used its Lyon 8 in San Francisco for ESPN's coverage of the World Series, complete with 12 LDK 8000 Elite cameras and a 4.5 M/E Kayenne production switcher. Prior to the San Francisco Giants beating the St. Louis Cardinals for the National League Pennant on October 22 in San Francisco, LYON Video had its Lyon 12 truck (with 11 LDK 8000 Elite cameras and 4.5 M/E Kayenne production switcher) on site in St. Louis, in the event the Cardinals won the National League Championship Series (NLCS). That was due to the tight schedule between the last NLCS game on Monday and the World Series starting the following Wednesday, with only one day to set up.

Note to editors:

NEP has purchased Kayenne Video Production Center switchers for its SS22, SS25, SS29, Black & Red, Atlantic trucks, and the Kayenne Elite switcher for its Madison truck. NEP has also purchased a Karrera Video Production Center switcher for its Brazilian market production truck.

Game Creek has installed four new Kayenne Video Production Center switchers in the past year, including "Glory" (the new truck used primarily for the NFL Network), "Pride" (for the NFL Network), and "Apollo" employed by Comcast Sports Houston. A fourth reconditioned truck, "Northstar", also has been equipped with a Kayenne switcher. In total, Game Creek has installed nine Kayenne Production Center switchers since the introduction of the Kayenne in 2009.

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