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Ultimatte Selects Grass Valley LDX WorldCam as Camera of Choice for New Keying and Virtual Studio Demonstrations

San Francisco Calif., March 25, 2013 — Ultimatte Corporation has purchased a Grass Valley® LDX WorldCam™ with triax adapter and 3G Twin (fiber and triax) base station specifically to demonstrate its new keying and virtual studio technologies, to be unveiled at the 2013 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas.

Six years ago, wanting the highest quality image possible to demonstrate the benefits of its equipment, Ultimatte purchased a Grass Valley LDK 6000 camera believing that its HD-DPM imagers were the best on the market. Knowing the importance of staying at the forefront of technology, Ultimatte recently turned again to Grass Valley for its Xensium-FT imagers in the LDX WorldCam camera as the best imager available for high-end keying and virtual studios.

"Image quality is absolutely paramount when we demonstrate our new keying and virtual studio to potential customers," said Ron Ungerman, Head of Engineering for Ultimatte. "As they established six years ago with us, Grass Valley has the highest quality imagers available on the market. Having the LDX WorldCam with the Xensium-FT imagers gives us the sharpest and cleanest images and a clear advantage for producing the best demos possible."
To get the most from its new camera system, Ultimatte added one day of on-site StartPRO commissioning to its order. This included a multi-point review of the complete camera system, verification of cabling, software and firmware versions, and a final product overview for Ultimatte's technical staff.

"Ultimatte believes that Grass Valley camera technology is superior to all others," said Tim Thorsteinson, President and CEO of Grass Valley. "There is no higher praise than a company repeatedly using Grass Valley solutions to showcase their new products to potential customers, as Ultimatte will be doing at NAB with the LDX WorldCam."

For more information about LDX WorldCam, please visit the LDX Series™ upgradable camera platform product page at

Grass Valley will be exhibiting at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas from April 8-11, 2013, in the South Hall lower level, booth SL206. The Ultimatte booth (SL1105) will be adjacent to the Grass Valley booth.


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