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GeckoFlex 8943FC 4-Channel Fiber to Electrical Conversion

The 8935FC is a four-channel optical to electrical broadcast-quality fiber optic receiver module with two electrical outputs per channel. It can accommodate SD/HD-SDI video 270 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s as well as DVB ASI, unbalanced AES, and Grass Valley® audio TDM interfaces. The optical circuitry is housed in dedicated strapmount SFP submodule devices mounted on the module circuit board. The SFP-DRX-1 supports both 1310 nm wavelengths and CWDM wavelengths (1270 nm to 1610 nm). This replaceable SFP optical technology allows for easy upgrade, reconfiguration, and servicing.

  • Four-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI fiber receiver (each SFP-DRX SPF has dual single-mode PIN receivers)
  • Also supports DVB ASI, AES, and Grass Valley audio TDM interface
  • Supports up to two SFP-DRX-1 devices for up to four fiber-optic inputs
  • Two reclocked outputs for stable long distance reception of each optical feed
  • Reclock bypass for non-SDI signal types
  • Inputs accommodates 1310 nm and CWDM wavelengths
  • Single-mode fiber
  • Can be used with the 8943CF transmitter and other fiber-ready boards for distances of between 0 and 50 km, depending on the transmitter
  • Meets SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/424M signal specifications
  • Receiving multiple high-definition video feeds over long distance fiber connections
  • For receiving implementing SD/HD-SDI optical tie-lines
  • To provide multi-channel receiving capability alongside the 8939FCA/8939FCB for an extremely compact multiplexed fiber solution
Supported Chassis Types

Power Rating
7.5 Watts (with two SFP devices) – single slot

Four channels of HD/SD-SDI on single-mode fiber
Connector: Four LC optical connectors
Minimum optical input: -20 dBm
Maximum optical input: -1 dBm

Electrical outputs: Two electrical outputs per optical input
  • SMPTE 424M at 2.97 Gb/s
  • SMPTE 292M-1998 at 1.485 Gb/s
  • SMPTE 259M-1997 and DVB ASI at 270 Mb/s
Non-reclocking: 1 to 540 Mb/s, AES 3id-2001 and MADI
Return loss:
  • 15 dB 5 MHz to 540 MHz
  • 10 dB 540 MHz to 1.5 GHz
  • 10 dB 540 MHz to 3 GHz
Electrical length:
  • Reclocked at 270 Mb: 10 ns
  • Reclocked at 1.5 Gb: 8 ns
  • Reclocked at 3 Gb: 8 ns
Bypass: 7 ns

Modes of Operation
The 8943FC supports following modes of operations:
  • Auto reclock/bypass
  • Auto reclock/mute
  • 3G 2790M
  • HD 1485M
  • SD 270M
  • Manual bypass HD/3G
  • Manual bypass SD

Operating temperature range: 0 to +45°C
Non-operating temperature range: -10 to +70°C
Humidity: 90% non-condensing
November 25, 2013
Hillsboro, Ore., November 25, 2013 — Brazil's Canção Nova, a non-profit Catholic Community located in Cachoeira Paulista in the state of São Paulo, is upgrading its broadcast infrastructure with a range of Grass Valley® solutions including five Maestro™ branding and master control systems, five Concerto™ 64x64 routing switchers, five GeckoFlex™ signal processing systems, and six K2 Summit® servers for optimized live event workflows. The system will be live in November and span five locations.
November 12, 2013
Hillsboro, Ore., November 12, 2013 — Bank TV, a satellite broadcaster in the Ukraine, has launched a complete, end-to-end high definition (HD) news production solution from Grass Valley® to facilitate the smooth delivery of its 24/7programming. At the core of the broadcaster's new structure is GV STRATUS® nonlinear media production tools for enhanced production and a streamlined workflow. GV STRATUS is being used in tandem with EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editing software and GV Edge™ Integrated Playout System with K2 Edge™ playout nodes for 24/7 playout. This deal with Bank TV builds upon the recent momentum generated by Grass Valley in the Ukrainian broadcast market as well as traction gained by GV STRATUS in the EMEA region.
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This module can be mounted in a single slot in a GeckoFlex frame but not in other 8900 series frames, including Gecko-A or Gecko-V frames.

Optical to electrical converter, front and 8935FC-R rear module set

Important order note: two SFP devices are required for the full operation of the 8935FC module.

SFP Device
SFP-13103G-M1DRX-K – 1270 nm > 1610 nm dual receiver kit containing fiber optic submodule, mounting bracket, and fiber cable assembly
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