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C2IP Camera Control System
Expand Your Capabilities

Flexible Ethernet Camera Control: Capture More with Less

Live production is expensive. Now you can allocate fewer resources to bigger projects and focus more on creativity.

When you use Grass Valley's C2IP (Camera Control Over IP Network) camera control system, you'll allocate a single engineer to live productions that require multiple cameras, and still capture the magical moments that make good television. With increased production efficiencies and decreased staff expenditures, you'll be able to package more high-value content for new, profitable markets.

Support remote access: With C2IP's expanded capabilities, including a web-based interface and standard IP networking for live and multicamera productions, you'll have Ethernet-based control of up to 99 cameras, and support for all of your digital Grass Valley LDK and LDX Series™ cameras (including LDX Compact™).

Increase efficiencies: When you work with C2IP's master control panel, you'll automate more tasks and dramatically speed up camera setup and reconfiguration, creating efficiencies where you need them most.

Gain comprehensive control: You don't want to sacrifice enhanced capabilities, even if you're short on space. C2IP includes features usually found only in conventional master control panels, and is a great fit for mobile production trucks or studios with space restrictions.

Protect your investments: Protect your equipment investments, improve utilization, and align technology with business goals. Discover Grass Valley's simple, cost-effective Support Agreements »

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  • Ethernet-based camera control system
    • Supports 10/100Base-T networks
    • Uses TCP/IP protocol
    • Uses off-the-shelf standard network infrastructure
  • Supports all Grass Valley digital LDX cameras
  • Camera control:
    • Multi-camera control supports up to 99 cameras
    • Multi-point control supports multiple control points per camera
  • OCP 400 operational control panel:
    • Features capabilities found in conventional master control panels
    • Comfortable, very compact (82 mm wide) design
    • Intuitive interface
    • Hard-style buttons
  • MCP 400:
    • Touchscreen interface
    • Automatic data logging of all camera settings
    • Tools for fast reconfiguration/adjustment of camera settings
    • Can save settings to USB memory media
    • Accepts USB input devices
    • Two mounting configurations
    • 4 RU, 19-inch rack mount
    • Desktop mount
September 9, 2010
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (IBC — Stand 1.D11), September 09, 2010Grass Valley™ is adding the LDK Connect Gateway, a bridge to external control  systems, to its LDK camera control portfolio, which already benefits from the uniquely powerful C2IP control system. The LDK Connect Gateway provides open interactions from external devices to the camera, from automating set-up changes in camera functionality to reporting diagnostics.

LDX 2014 Cameras Catalog

LDX Series
A unique line of advanced imaging cameras built around Xensium- FT CMOS imagers. These cameras have the highest sensitivity and image performance across different video formats, while offering a new level of business flexibility by using one hardware platform with a flexible GV-eLicense software upgrade implementation. LDX Compact Series
An extension to the LDX Series of cameras with an identical image performance and a comparable feature set but in a smaller mechanical package. They are the perfect companions to the LDX Series cameras and bring a new level of image performance and business flexibility for all applications where cameras with a compact form factor are required.
LDX HiSpeed 3X and LDX XtremeSpeed 6X Cameras
Members of the LDX camera range set a new standard in high-speed image acquisition. They capture fast-paced sports action and emotion with unrivaled quality levels at high frame rates and with instant timeto- air. All captured frames can be permanently recorded, so not a single moment will be missed or lost. LDX Compact HiSpeed 3X and LDX Compact
XtremeSpeed 6X Cameras
The world’s first self-contained high-speed cameras in a small form factor for space-constrained applications. As an extension to the LDX range of cameras, they produce the same level of quality from angles and in areas where high-speed cameras with a compact form factor are required.

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