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Cameras with a "can-do" attitude

We believe in delivering solutions that can grow with your business needs. The Grass Valley® LDX range of cameras is made up of 11 cameras for the ultimate in production flexibility.

The LDX Series™ and LDX Compact™ series of advanced imaging cameras offer true high-performance images, smart ways for integration between products, ergonomically designed equipment, and a new level of business flexibility.

Included in the LDX range are the new LDX HiSpeed™ (LDX HS™)—with up to 3X speeds for super slow-motion acquired in 720p and 1080i, and the LDX XtremeSpeed™ (LDX XS™) that adds ultra-high frame rate acquisition (6X) for fast-action applications in 720p and 1080i and 3X speeds in 1080p.

The same level of high-speed capture is also available for use in small spaces with the LDX Compact HiSpeed™ (LDX Compact HS™) and LDX Compact XtremeSpeed™ (LDX Compact XS™) cameras.

For those requiring a robotic camera system, the RS-LDX™ robotic camera solutions deliver exactly what you expect from the LDX range—a future-ready solution built for your changing needs.

Which camera is right for you?
LDX Series—Four standard-sized, single-speed cameras
LDX Compact Series—Three compact-sized, single-speed cameras
LDX HiSpeed & LDX Compact HiSpeed—Standard- and compact-sized triple-speed (3X) cameras for super slow-motion applications in 1080i and 720p
LDX XtremeSpeed & LDX Compact XtremeSpeed—Standard- and compact-sized sextuple-speed (6X) cameras for ultra slow-motion applications in 1080i and 720p, and triple-speed (3X) cameras for super slow-motion applications in 1080p
RS-LDXIntegrated robotic camera solutions that are fully integrated, turnkey camera systems based on the LDX Compact series cameras along with robotics and various options, enabling complete customization in one easy-to-use package...right out of the box.

Changing business models?
LDX cameras are based on a just two hardware platforms, one platform for single-speed only operation and one platform for single speed up to 6X speed operation. Inside each platform is the flexibility of software upgrades to the next model.

High performance with simple solutions
3G Transmission via triax and fiber with the innovative XCU™ eXchangeable Control Unit for all single-speed cameras and the XCU XtremeSpeed XF Fiber™ transmission system to support the extended bandwidth requirements of high-speed operation.

Manage 1 to 99
Control systems that meet your evolving needs and upcoming production demands.

Customize your system
Accessories that are an integrated part of the camera system.

Service and Support
Grass Valley is about satisfied customers. That's why we provide 24/7/365 support and service—protecting your investments and keeping you on air.

Need more solutions to streamline your broadcast system?
The new Grass Valley® LDX Series™ of software upgradable cameras were road tested during the 61st Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring—part of the American Le Mans Series of Formula One racing—held March 2013 at the Sebring International Raceway in Florida. Veteran mobile production company Lyon Video, based in Columbus, Ohio, used a dozen of the new top-of-the-line LDX WorldCam™ cameras.
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