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Faster than a Speeding Bullet

The greatest creative minds in broadcasting turn to Grass Valley's EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editing software. EDIUS takes it to the extreme with real-time editing, no rendering (yep, I said no rendering in EDIUS 7 that is), capable of managing multiple formats including 4K, and integrates with third party plugins and hardware, as well as our own equipment like GV STRATUS® and K2 Dyno®, to further streamline your time to air. Did I mention it's the fastest editing software on the market today? Check out EDIUSWorld for your complete Edification and to see EDIUS in action.

EDIUS has it all, including a complete suite of editing tools to expand your creativity:

Service and Support
Grass Valley® is about satisfied customers. That's why we provide 24/7/365 support and service—protecting your investments and keeping you on air.

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Utilizing a common platform across its 50 owned and or operated stations, Raycom Media has close to 900 seats of Grass Valley EDIUS, sharing content between adjacent markets and regions.

Using the efficient workflow of P2 acquisition and EDIUS editing in the filed, or by having editors co-located with producers back at the station, Raycom uses the highest technology available to get their stores to air fast.
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