Fiber Ethernet Transceiver

The FXE-1501 provides distribution of Ethernet signals using optical fiber. It incorporate a bidirectional 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet to 1000 Base SX/LX gigabit fiber converter and transceiver. The Ethernet UTP port incorporates auto speed negotiation, auto-crossover for MDI/MDI-X, and full or half duplex. Speed and activity indicators are provided for this port on the rear panel. The SFP optical interface supports a loop back test, and lost link forwarding (LLF). Link activity and LLF status indicators are provided for this port on the rear panel. Housed in a Densité frame and easily controllable via the iControl software or the frame controller menu, the FXE-1501 occupies only one slot.

  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet to fiber
  • Fiber interface on SFP module for maximum flexibility
  • Support loop back test for the optical SFP interface
  • Supports lost link forwarding (LLF)
  • Auto-negotiation for 10/100/1000 Base-T on the UTP port
  • Auto-crossover for MDI/MDIX on the UTP port
  • Full or half-duplex on the UTP port
  • Speed and link activity LEDs on the rear connector panel for the UTP port
  • Link activity status LED on the rear panel for the optical interface
  • Single slot in a Densité frame
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Compliant to: 10 Base-T/100 Base-Tx/1000 Base-T with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEEE 802.3x, speed auto sensing and auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Connector: SFP-compliant
  • Compliant to: IEEE 802.3z, 1000 Base-LX/SX
  • Power: 5W
Densité 2 frame Description
FXE-1501 Fiber Ethernet transceiver*
FXE-1501-SRP Single rear connector panel
Densité 3 frame Description
FXE-1501-3RU Fiber Ethernet transceiver*
FXE-1501-SRP-3RU Single rear connector panel
*Note: One SFP cartridge must be ordered for each FXE-1501.
SFP cartridges Description
SFP-ETH-10-S13-LC Ethernet 10 km SFP cartridge / 1310 nm with LC/PC connector
SFP WDM cartridge series Description
SFP-ETH-10-RT-W13-LC Optical Ethernet WDM cartridge, 1310 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-W15-LC Optical Ethernet WDM cartridge, 1550 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP CWDM cartridge series Description
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C27-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1271 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C29-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1291 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C31-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1311 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C33-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1331 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C35-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1351 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C37-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1371 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C39-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1391 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C41-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1411 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C43-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1431 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C45-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1451 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C47-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1471 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C49-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1491 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C51-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1511 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C53-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1531 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C55-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1551 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C57-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1571 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C59-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1591 nm, LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-C61-LC Optical Ethernet CWDM cartridge, 1611 nm, LC/PC connector
Remote control iControl, iControl Solo, RCP-200

FXE-1501 Fiber Ethernet transceiver Datasheet

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