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GeckoFlex Fiber, Analog Video, and Monitoring Boards
Quality-Driven, Cost-Effective Solutions

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8939FCA/8939FCB Fiber CWDM 8:1 or 1:8 Optical Multiplexing/Demultiplexing: Bidirectional optical CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer unit for the 2 RU GeckoFlex frame.

8943CF 4-Channel Electrical to Fiber Conversion: Four-channel electrical to optical broadcast quality fiber optic conversion module with reflected electrical outputs.

8943FC 4-Channel Fiber to Electrical Conversion: Four-channel optical to electrical broadcast-quality fiber optic receiver module with two electrical outputs per channel.

8950ADC Component Analog Video to SD-SDI Converter: Converts a component analog video signal from analog VTRs and switchers to serial digital, which can then be routed through a digital routing switcher or production switcher, or stored on a digital video disk recorder.

8950DAC SD to Component Analog Video Converter: Display a serial component digital signal on an analog RGB monitor, to record a digital video signal to an analog component VTR, or to send digital video to a component analog switcher.

8960DEC Analog Video to SD Converter: Provides broadcast-quality serial component digital video to help transition from an analog to a digital facility.

8960ENC SD to Analog Video Converter: Converts a serial component digital signal to NTSC or PAL composite analog.

8964DEC 4-Channel Analog Video to SD Converter: Four independent full-function decoders on a single Gecko series card.

8964ENC 4-Channel SD to Analog Video Converter: High-density, four-channel module that converts four 270 Mb/s serial component digital signals to four NTSC or to four PAL composite analog outputs on a single module.

7600HD-REF HD/SD Timing Generator: High-stability standalone 1 RU unit for providing system timing.

7620PX Changeover Unit: Complements the 7600REF reference and test signal generator; Provides active monitoring and switching of reference and test signal input pairs.

8972PX Protection Switch: Full-time signal protection switch with highly robust primary/secondary changeover switch for HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or ASI signals.

Newton™ Modular Control System: Multi-knob, Ethernet-based access to Grass Valley modular products.

8900NET GeckoFlex Ethernet Interface Board: More than a simple Ethernet adapter—it's a complete web server on a single module.
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