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GeckoFlex Fiber Optic SFP Devices

The SFP fiber optic sub-board is a dual-channel optical connection device that can be added to any fiber-ready board to provide optical input, optical output, or both. SFPs support single-mode fiber connections using compact, stable LC connectors.

Using these SFPs, ordinary boards can be made into fiber-capable baords eliminating the wasted space and additional cost of dedicated fiber conversion boards. The SFP approach also means that maintenance replacement and upgrade are simple tasks.

High-definition signals often require signal transport above the limit of conventional cables. Optical connections go further while providing electrical isolation. They can also be multiplexed for extremely compact solutions even in adverse environments. These SFPs support single-mode fiber which carries 3G/HD/SD SDI signals substantially further than multi-mode.

  • Add fiber to your fiber-ready boards as needed
  • Flexible choices in regards to transmit, receive, and transceiver devices
  • SMPTE 292M/297M/259M/424M compatible
  • Based on mature industry-standard SFP technology
  • Handles pathological test patterns
  • Internally calibrated digital diagnostic monitoring interface
  • Robust die-cast metal housing
  • Supports single-mode fiber
  • LC connector
  • One of the two transmitters in a dual device can be turned off allowing it to be kept as an installed spare channel
  • SFPs can be installed on any fiber-ready GeckoFlex board
  • They provide optical inputs/optical outputs
  • For long-distance connections which exceed the limits of coaxial cable
  • For applications where the size or weight of cable is an issue, especially where multiplexed fiber is used
  • To provide electrical isolation
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