GPI I/O Module

The GPI-1501 is a 2 RU Densité card which provides 20 dedicated general purpose interface (GPI) inputs plus eight terminals that can be individually configured, either as a GPI input or GPI output. When paired with an iControl application server, the GPI-1501 provides alarm aggregation from older devices that do not offer Ethernet port connectivity. The application server can report alarm status information to operators via iControl or SNMP. It can also trigger external events, such as selecting an alternate source. The card can also interface with automation systems via its GPI outputs for the control of legacy devices. Each incoming GPI is time stamped with incoming timecode, or using its own internal clock for accurate logging and report generation. The GPI-1501 is also very useful in unmanned locations to report environmental anomalies when connected to GPI equipped sensors (intrusion, high humidity, temperature, smoke, etc). Multiple GPI-1501 cards can be ganged together to meet the requirements of larger installations.

  • Provides GPI alarm aggregation for older devices, bridging the gap to modern IP enabled control systems
  • Interfaces seamlessly with most automation systems
  • Alarm aggregation of virtually any GPI enabled device
  • Scalable to address large systems
  • Time stamped events for accurate logging and root cause analysis
  • 20 dedicated GPI inputs and 8 individually configurable as GPI I/O per card
  • SMPTE-12M LTC timecode input
  • SNMP support (status reporting) through an iControl application server
  • Accurate internal clock with NTP protocol support
  • Connector: DB-44
  • Number of input: 20 opto-isolated
  • Pull-up voltage: 2.3V
  • Source current: 2 mA when input shorted
  • Low level activation: 0.8V max
  • Over voltage: 25V max
  • Pulse duration: 8 ms min
  • GPI bidirectional
  • Connector: DB-44
  • Number of I/O: 8
  • Pull-up voltage: 2.3V
  • Source current: 2 mA when input shorted
  • Low level activation: 0.8V max
  • Over voltage: 25V max
  • Pulse duration: 8 ms min
  • Contact closure current: 50 mA max
  • Reverse voltage: -15V max
  • Reverse current: -50 mA max
  • V out low: 0.6V at 1.5 mA
  • Connector: Sharing input 20 of DB-44 GPI's connector
  • Signal type: Unbalanced as per SMPTE-12M date and time as per SMPTE-309M
  • Power: 1W
Densité 2 frame Densité 3 frame Description
GPI-1501 GPI-1501-3RU GPI I/O module
GPI-1501-SRP GPI-1501-SRP-3RU Single rear connector panel
Option Description  
GPI-1501-TBA GPI I/O terminal block adapter
Remote control iControl, iControl Solo, RCP-200

GPI-1501 GPI I/O module Datasheet

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