iControl Headend
End-to-End, Video Signal Path and QoE Monitoring

iControl Headend provides advanced end-to-end video signal path and QoE monitoring for pay TV operators. It monitors thousands of channels and devices, using rich graphical representations of the signal path and intelligent alarms management. Monitoring by Exception allows the provider to focus on specific areas that require attention. Its ability to correlate, verify and visualize channel delivery and performance enables service providers to be proactive in delivering quality service while reducing Mean Time to Repair.

iControl Headend Insights & Highlights
Alarm Correlation and Verification
  • System performs highly effective correlation by integrating tightly with third-party monitoring platforms, including IP-video probes from Tektronix, JDSU, IneoQuest and others
  • Third-party monitoring system alarms are verified and deep-probed to determine if they truly impact service delivery
  • Integrates with Kaleido-IP multiviewer, EdgeVision set-top-box probes and other Grass Valley platforms to provide visual and audible monitoring of multiple channels, giving operators the "eyes and ears" to assess content
Highly Visual, End-to-End Signal and Network Monitoring
  • Streamlined monitoring workflows allow operators to instantly visualize and hear signal impairments using streaming video and audio
  • Based on Monitoring by Exception, with all the channels continuously monitored to assess if they have any errors, or are outside pre-set signal limits
  • Whenever signals breach alarm thresholds, the system immediately directs the operator to the faults, helping to reduce the Mean Time to Repair
Extensive Support for Streaming Audio and Video
  • Signal path views feature embedded audio/video players, supporting a wide range of codecs including MPEG-2 and H.264 video, as well as multiple formats of compressed audio
  • Streaming player can use low bit rate thumbnails from Densité modular interfaces and probes, and from third-party encoders, as well as streams from the EdgeVision STB probe
Device Control to Address Faults
  • iControl Headend provides direct access to the native applications that control each device in the signal path, allowing any problems to be addressed rapidly
Automatic Logging and Reporting
  • When a signal or network error is detected, alarms are automatically raised and logged to simplify diagnostics and reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Integrates with iControl Reports to provide comprehensive daily, weekly or monthly Quality of Experience (QoE) and system performance reports, and help operators focus on the most important areas of the network
SNMP Monitoring of All Key Platforms
  • Leverages the SNMP capabilities of existing platforms to provide a coherent representation of the entire network, from aggregation receivers to IP routers, digital signal processors, and edge modulators
  • iControl SNMP Driver Creator can be used to extend the range of SNMP monitoring to all SNMP-enabled third-party products
Scalable Network Management
  • iControl Headend scales from a local headend solution to a broader monitoring system, across multiple local and national headends, spanning hundreds of channels across numerous locations
  • System supports multisite, multiuser administration with security and password protection
IC-HEADEND-001 iControl Headend - Multichannel, multiplatform video network management system
  iControl package for network monitoring and management of multichannel delivery systems
  Requires: iControl base edition with Application Server
IC-SNMP-DRIVER-CREATOR iControl SNMP Driver Creator - Allows creation of iControl SNMP Drivers for third-party devices
IC-REPORT-001 iControl Interactive Report Generator - Includes data formatting, summarization and chart builder
EdgeVision Edge signal monitoring device - single channel
KIP-X300 Kaleido-IP X300 multi-image IP processor
KIP-X100 Kaleido-IP X100 multi-image IP processor
AXINO IP loudness processor

iControl Headend: End-to-End, Video Signal Path and QoE Monitoring Datasheet

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