iControl Playout
Multichannel Television Playout Monitoring

A highly adapted, efficient playout monitoring package for broadcasters and specialty channel providers, iControl Playout enables operators to manage more channels while saving on operating costs. It works with a wide array of advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception, and provides sophisticated electronic probing with macroblock detection, lip sync error and content mismatch detection using video/audio fingerprints.

iControl Playout Insights & Highlights
Lowering operating costs
  • With iControl Playout, operators can manage more channels efficiently, creating substantial savings in operating costs
Monitoring by Exception
  • Operator effectiveness is improved with Monitoring by Exception, which provides automated monitoring of signal parameters across all channels to see if they are within predetermined limits
Advanced monitoring technologies
  • Multiple advanced monitoring technologies can be incorporated, including macroblock and lip sync error detection
  • Full integration with Kaleido multiviewers, allowing operators to immediately respond to any signal faults reported by the Kaleido
  • In the event of a signal or device fault, the operator will be instantly alerted via the iControl desktop and on the monitor wall, allowing a backup channel to be quickly engaged while the fault is investigated and repaired
Complete playout monitoring
  • iControl Playout provides detailed monitoring across the whole playout process, from the playout servers to the final encoding for transmission
  • Operates with traditional and IT-based playout infrastructures
  • System can integrate Quality of Experience monitoring, using remote set-top boxes and the EdgeVision probes
  • Highly scalable design makes it easy to add channels to a system
Signal probing
  • By integrating Densité control probes, the system presents streaming video and audio metering from across the installation, as well as detailed telemetry information
  • Alarming for key video and audio parameters and thresholds
  • Error logging with time stamped event and error entries
  • Highly graphical views
  • To simplify monitoring, iControl Playout uses highly graphical views which present status information at a glance, along with streaming video, including those from Densité SME-1901 streaming DAs
  • Rapid drilling-down from facility to channel to device level views
Detailed device status and control
  • With its SNMP Manager functions, iControl Playout Manager can interface to all SNMP-enabled devices to obtain detailed status information
  • Devices can be controlled more extensively by embedding native control applications
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Configuration is quick and simple, allowing easy deployment and robust performance
  • Signal paths can be enhanced or modified using the drag-and-drop functions of the iControl Web user interface editor
IC-PLAYOUT Multichannel television playout monitoring system featuring multichannel summary status and detailed interactive signal path views with embedded audio/video players. Includes 4-channel signal chain monitoring licenses.

Requires: iControl base edition with Application Server
IC-PLAYOUT-CHANNEL Option for additional channel signal chain monitoring license. Includes monitoring of redundant path.

iControl Playout: Multichannel Television Playout Monitoring Datasheet

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