iControl Remote Station Monitoring
Centralized, Remote Station Monitoring System

Designed for centralized station control and monitoring, iControl Remote Station Monitoring lowers operating costs for station groups and national broadcasters. It provides a high quality multiviewer of selected station signals, with audible audio and detailed signal status information. Leveraging multiple advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception, it allows broadcasters to streamline their operations while ensuring optimal performance of their multiple on-air transmissions.

iControl Remote Station Monitoring Insights & Highlights
High quality remote video monitoring
  • User interface allows multiple signals to be viewed simultaneously in multi-image format, using high quality streaming video
  • Remote layout and signal selection with full-screen mode
  • Instant access to signal information: operators can drill down through selected views to reach appropriate signals or alarms
Multisignal probing
  • Alarming for key video and audio parameters and thresholds
  • Error logging with time-stamped event and error entries
Easily scalable and configurable
  • Can extend from 1 to 16 remote locations
  • Provides real-time status of all signals
  • Customizable layouts with user-defined labels, signal formats and graphical components
Multiple signal formats
  • HD-SDI in 1080i and 720p
  • SD-SDI in 525 or 626
  • AES/EBU and analog audio
Monitoring by Exception
  • Monitoring by Exception ensures that the operator's attention is drawn to faults, without distraction from correctly functioning channels
  • Using Monitoring by Exception improves productivity, and helps reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Streaming bandwidth control
  • Bitrate presets for effective use of available network bandwidth
  • Image quality pre-set controls
  • Image frame rate controls
Sounds with images for accurate monitoring
  • Provides convenient audio source selection with volume control
  • Selected audio signal is streamed back for acoustic monitoring
  • Audible alarms alert operators of error conditions
Easy installation and maintenance
  • Quick configuration for easy deployment and robust performance.
  • Customizable elements are configured using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which dynamically updates the monitoring system
Lip sync monitoring
  • iControl Audio/Video Fingerprints option allows lip sync error detection and measurement to be performed, using Densité modular processing and probing cards
IC-STATION iControl Remote Station Monitoring system featuring multistation summary status and detailed interactive signal path views with embedded audio/video players

Requires: iControl base edition Application Server
EDGEVISION-1 Edge signal monitoring device - single channel*
*See EdgeVision datasheet ordering section for additional information.

iControl Remote Station Monitoring: Centralized, Remote Station Monitoring System Datasheet

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