Imagestore 750
HD/SD Master Control and Branding Processor with Advanced Audio Processing

Imagestore 750 is our top of the range master control and branding processor for highly automated specialty channels. Many advanced audio features include 16 channel audio mixing/playout plus dynamic shuffling and gain control. There's also stereo to 5.1 upmixing, four Dolby decoders/encoders and sophisticated metadata processing. Multiple, high performance graphics features include dual DVEs.

Multilevel branding graphics
  • Designed for high impact, multilevel channel branding
  • Easy selection between SD and HD (720p or 1080i at 50 Hz and 59.94 Hz)
  • Four independent keying layers with preview output
  • Integral flash-based store with capacity for more than 4,000 HD/SD images
  • Dual fill and key inputs allow operation with an Intuition XG graphics co-processor for the most advanced graphics effects
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) crawls and audio mix-ins
  • In-vision digital/analog clock insertion with Bugclock option
  • Easytext template-based, automated character generator option for data-driven graphics, such as in-show promos
  • Full compatibility with Vertigo graphics automation and asset management
Advanced audio mixing and processing
  • 16 channel audio mixing using embedded audio, and/or 8 AES pairs, for 5.1 and multilingual audio
  • Dynamic shuffle and gain control
  • Up to 4 Dolby decoders/encoders per Imagestore 750
  • 5.1 up-mixing using Linear Acoustic upMAX technology
  • Versatile Easyplay 2 audio clip player, with simultaneous playout of up to four clips (16 channels), for voiceovers
  • Advanced metadata processor with support for embedded metadata (as per RP-2020), metadata switching and metadata generation
  • Audio description (AD) with automated mixing of commentary track
  • User-friendly audio configuration tool
Video mixing
  • A/B video mixing by cuts and fades
  • Independent clean feed and auxiliary outputs
  • Single or dual channel 2D DVE options for squeeze-and-reveal and picture-in-picture effects
  • C and D inputs available to feed DVE, and can also be used as extra fill and key inputs for future expansion
Automated and manual control
  • Full automation control using widely supported Oxtel protocol (serial, Ethernet) and GPI
  • Manual control by iMC, Branding Panel, PresStation or Vertigo Xpanel
Robust design
  • Flash memory for graphics storage and operating system
  • Broadcast quality, real-time operating system
  • Redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Mechanical bypass of program input
  • Front panel diagnostics: configuration, temperature, power supplies, PLL
IS-750 Imagestore 750 channel branding processor
(dual input, 2X fill and key, AB mix, PGM, PVW + clean out)
IS-750-DVE Single channel DVE
IS-750-DVE-DUAL Dual channel DVE
IS-750-Audio6 Audio: 6 channels (1 group embedded, 6 AES IN, 6 AES OUT)
IS-750-Audio16 Audio: 16 channels (4 groups embedded, 16 AES IN, 16 AES OUT)
IS-750-EAS EAS with one AES IN
IS-750-DOLBY Dolby decode/encode bundles (various configurations available)
IS-750-UMX Audio upmix option
IS-44-TBA 44-pin terminal block adapter for GPIO/LTC/metadata connections
IS-750-EP16 Easyplay 16 channels audio storage/playout
IS-750-ET Easytext character generator
IS-750-Clock Bugclock in-vision clock
IS-750-MEM-2GB 2 GB of animation playout memory
IS-750-HDD Internal media storage hard disk drive kit
IS-750-PSU Redundant (spare) PSU unit for IS-750
PRES-STATION Master control panel
RCP-BR Branding Panel
XPanel SW control panel
iMC-Panel-300 Full size master control panel
iMC-Panel-200 Mid-size master control panel
iMC-Panel-100 Compact master control panel
iMC-Panel-GUI Software GUI master control panel

Imagestore 750: HD/SD Master Control and Branding Processor with Advanced Audio Processing Datasheet

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