High Density ASI/IP Gateway

The IRG-3401 facilitates cable, satellite and IPTV operators' migration towards IP infrastructures by offering a flexible highly integrated DVB-ASI/IP bidirectional gateway that can bridge any type of MPEG transport stream from/to IP networks. The high density allows 120 gateways per 3 RU Densité 3 frame, saving substantial rack space in high channel count environments. Its scalability through modularity is the ideal solution to address increasing TV channel lineups. The dual Ethernet SFP sockets allow fiber or electrical connectivity to the main and backup video backbone to provide complete redundancy of MPEG transport streams. Each DVB-ASI I/O can also be paired in redundant mode. Combined together the IP and DVB-ASI redundant ports offer a robust solution to ensure uninterrupted services.

  • Very high density with 12 gateways per card/120 gateways per 3 RU frame
  • Handle most demanding streams:
    • Up to 213 Mb/s per DVB-ASI
    • Total of 800 Mb/s on Ethernet
  • Configure each DVB-ASI as an input or output
  • Convert legacy ASI devices to IP with simultaneous IP to ASI and ASI to IP conversions
  • Flexible IP connectivity through two distinct SFP ports for optical or electrical modules
  • Full redundancy to avoid service interruptions:
  • Pair DVB-ASI I/Os as main and backup
    • Copy TS streams on both IP ports simultaneously (port mirroring)
    • Automatic change-over switch for both Ethernet ports and DVB-ASI ports
  • MPEG Cop3 FEC (SMPTE-2022) support for better signal integrity over IP
  • UDP/RTP encapsulation 1 to 7 TS/IP packet
  • Better multicast traffic control using IGMPv3 MSM/SSM
  • Network jitter removal
  • Physical: 12 BNC connectors configurable independently as input or output
  • Standards: EN50083-9 (V2:3/98) DVB ASI
  • Cable length: 300m (984 ft.) Belden 1694A at 270 Mb/s
  • Data bit rate: Each I/O up to 213 Mb/s
  • TS packet size: 188/204 bytes
  • Return loss: >15 dB up to 270 MHz
  • Output jitter: <0.2UI (0.74 ns) pp
  • Physical: 2 SFP sockets for electrical (RJ45) or optical cartridge
  • Standards: IEEE 802.3 1000 Mb/s Ethernet
  • Transport: UDP/RTP with FEC Pro-MPEG CoP3 1-7 TS/IP Unicast or Multicast with IGMPv3 MSM/SSM
  • Performance: Up to 800 Mb/s of streaming
  • Power: 15W
Densité 3 frame Description
IRG-3401 High density ASI/IP gateway
IRG-3401-3DRP Double 3 RU rear module with SFP sockets
Note: One or two SFP option must be ordered for each IRG-3401
SFP options Description
SFP-ETH-10-RT-W13-LC Ethernet 10 km (6.21 mi.) cartridge / I/O 1310 nm with WDM with LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-10-RT-W15-LC Ethernet 10 km (6.21 mi.) cartridge / I/O 1550 nm with WDM with LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-RT-1000-RJ45 Ethernet electrical GigE cartridge RJ45 connector
SFP-ETH-10-S13-LC Ethernet 10 km (6.21 mi.) cartridge / 1310 nm with LC/PC connector
SFP-ETH-RT-M85-LC Ethernet multimode cartridge / 850 nm with LC/PC connector

IRG-3401: High Density ASI/IP Gateway Datasheet

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