iTX Master Control
Integrated Playout with Master Control Capabilities

iTX Master Control brings together two market leading products in one solution: the power and scalability of iTX playout, with the quality and ease of use of Imagestore master control. iTX Master Control enables you to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of an integrated playout platform while retaining the hands-on operations required for proactive channel control. There is no longer the need to compromise between a restricted traditional system and a modern, scalable playout solution. iTX Master Control gives you the best of both.

Manual control via Imagestore Master Control panel
  • Supports the IMC-100, IMC-200 and IMC-300 master control panels
  • Dedicated automation take, hold, cue and skip next
  • Access to logos and graphics
  • Configurable transition rates mapped to fast, medium and slow presets
  • Supports mix/fade/cut transition types as standard
  • Automation enable/disable and panel lock
Automated, automation assist or manual operation
  • Fully automated operation from iTX
  • Automation assist with dedicated controls on the panel
  • Full manual control with as-run logging
Multiple live inputs
  • Allows multiple live sources to be scheduled including live-to-live transitions
  • Supports transitions between live events
  • Preview output
  • Clean feed output
Imagestore options
  • Optional 2D DVE, single or dual channel
  • Optional Dolby encode and decode and upmix support
  • Optional EAS
Graphics options
  • On-board Imagestore support for logo insertion and basic branding
  • Optional Intuition XG for advanced branding under automation control
  • Support for third-party graphical devices via key and fill input
As run logging
  • All on air actions are logged in the as-run logs
  • User actions/button presses are also logged separately
For advice on ordering an iTX solution or further information, please contact your Grass Valley office or local representative.

iTX: 4K/HD/SD Integrated Playout with IP/SDI Flexibility & Advanced Workflow Automation Datasheet

iTX integrated playout offers outstanding future readiness with full IP/SDI format flexibility, as well as 4K/HD/SD multiresolution support and exceptional scalability. It also delivers advanced, end-to-end workflow tools for a higher level of process automation.

iTX from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, combines all the playout capabilities above with a proven track record, delivering more than 17.5 million hours of broadcast television each year. These channels range from national broadcasters and global brands to local stations, and they carry many of the biggest live events on television. With iTX, broadcasters are assured that commercial revenues are protected, while the costs of operation are minimized.

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