iTX On-Demand
Automated VOD Asset Preparation and Publishing

iTX On-Demand specifically addresses the preparation of VOD and Catch-Up TV assets in a way that dramatically reduces operational costs and the time it takes to get content onto VOD platforms, for both pre-recorded and live content. iTX On-Demand automates the VOD process. It’s not a separate, or downstream, process — VOD asset creation is embedded into the production from the start, using powerful recipes that take the pain out of complex workflows making them easy to execute.

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  • Work order submission from business systems via RESTful API
  • Manual work order submission from iTX Desktop
  • On-demand recipes to simplify complex task management
  • Media sourcing from standard IT system via CIFS & FTP
  • Media sourcing from archive systems and delivery systems (optional)
  • Support for an extensive range of file formats for video/graphics/captions & subtitles
  • Broadcast mastering at 4x real-time or greater
  • Support for graphics insertion
  • Support for Kantar Nextracker watermarking for audience measurement
  • Support for subtitle and caption insertion
  • Broadcast Mastering
    • Pre-pitch, start jobs ahead of playout as soon as media is available to make assets, hours in advance
    • Live growing files, work with live events while on air to make assets minutes after the show finishes
  • Transcode to popular formats: H.264, MPEG-2, CableLabs
  • Supports third-party transcode systems (optional)
  • Transform metadata with XSLT sheets to target individual platforms
  • Delivery via FTP or CIFS

Work Order

RESTful interface

Manual submission (iTX Desktop)




iTX Delivery Manager plugins*: include Oracle DIVA, SGL FlashNet, Masstech, PitchBlue, Pathfire. Please check for system compatibility

Supported video file formats: XDCAM 50, IMX 30, MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS, MXF OP1A/B, AVC Intra, DV 25, DVC Pro, DVC Pro HD, Omneon Mov/ MXF, GFX, LXF, DNxHD 145, XAVC

Supported graphics formats: PNG, TGA, QuickTime Animation

Supported closed caption formats: SCC, Cheetah CAP, NCI CAP, SMPTE-TT, MCC

Supported teletext subtitle formats: STL, PAC, 890, EBU-TT Closed

Supported open caption/subtitle formats: STL, PAC, 890, EBU-TT Open, XIF, SRT, CAPT


Long-form programming & short-form promo/ commercials

Master format: XDCAM 50 Mb/s, 2-16 audio channels, 720p59.94, 1080i25/29.97, 1080p23.98/50/59.94


Audio: PCM

Graphics: Pre-rendered GFX stills or sequences

Closed captions: EIA-608 / EIA-708

Teletext subtitles: WST, ETSI 300 706 OP42, OP47

Open captions: Burnt-in (open) captions (up to two languages)


File formats:


Transport Stream (CableLabs and DVB-compliant)

Video codecs:

H.264 (fully configurable, all profiles and levels)

MPEG-2 (fully configurable, all profiles and levels)

Audio codecs:

Dolby Digital (AC3)

Dolby Digital Plus



Metadata: Asset XML export – superset of all stored metadata relating to the on-demand asset

Custom metadata transforms XSLT may be created and executed as part of the recipe

Delivery of media via CIFS or FTP

Supported Configurations & Performance

Supported platforms:

ITX Appliance 2 – Windows Server 2012

VMware – EXSi 6.0, Windows Server 2012, recommended minimum 8 physical cores, 16 Gb memory per VM

Storage requirements:

iTX On-Demand Mastering is specifically tuned to utilize multicore processors and works “in-place” on high speed disk systems, reducing the need to transfer files unnecessarily, which can compromise overall job processing time.

Minimum sustainable read/write for disk systems: 100 MB/s per active VM/Appliance

Network requirements:

High speed, low latency network infrastructure is recommended in order to achieve maximum performance from an on-demand system

Minimum connectivity – 2 Gb/s link per active VM/Appliance


* Additional cost option

Please contact your Grass Valley representative.
Product Documents

iTX On-Demand: Automated VOD Asset Preparation and Publishing Datasheet

Reduces preparation time for pre-recorded and live content for VOD platforms and enables new revenue streams.

iTX On-Demand from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, specifically addresses the preparation of VOD and Catch-Up TV assets in a way that dramatically reduces operational costs and the time it takes to get content onto VOD platforms, for both pre-recorded and live content.

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