Jupiter Control Panels LCD16 & LCD48
LCD Button Panel with Scroll Wheel

The Jupiter™ LCD16 and LCD48 control panels offer you the freedom of changing pages of destinations, sources, levels, sequences (salvos), or overrides with a simple and easy scroll wheel, while each button’s status is updated quickly and dynamically. 

Each panel can status up to 16 or 48 destinations at a time and provide complete status for each destination including current source with lock,  protect, or tie line status. If destinations are protected or locked the associated button will change color to magenta or red respectively, and the button will display which panel owns the protect or lock function. If a route is using a tie line from another router the source will display a “T” above the source name. Each button is capable of displaying three lines of text with eight characters each.

Multiple mode capability with assignable and auto-relegending LCD buttons makes the LCD16 and LCD48 panels the choice for maximum flexibility.

  • Multiple operating modes:
    • The LCD panels allow you to change the way each panel operates right from the panel
  • LAN- or WAN-capable:
    • Connect with an Ethernet connection and the panels will operate over your LAN or WAN
  • View status of up to 48 destinations at once:
    • Each button can display status for individual destinations
    • Status current source
    • Status current level information
    • Lock or protect status
    • Tie line information
  • Lock or protect destinations:
    • Lock and protect functions allow you to lock or protect all or individual levels
  • Follows the Jupiter easy-to-understand color code:
    • Yellow for destinations
    • Green for sources
    • Amber for levels
    • Red for lock
    • Magenta for protect

Operating Modes:

BPS – Single destination

BPS – Multiple destination

BPS – Sources and destinations on one page

Category entry

Level mode

Maximum number of sources: system limit

Maximum number of destinations: system limit

Total sources + destinations: system limit

Breakaways: up to 96 levels

Sequences: yes

Overrides: yes

Lock and protect: yes

Menu modes: yes

Gang switching: yes

GPIO option: yes

Mounting size: 19" 1 RU (LCD16), 2 RU (LCD48)

Overall width: 483 mm

Overall height: 76 mm

Depth (AC version): 111 mm

Depth (DC version): 35 mm

Power consumption: 12W

Voltage range: 100V to 240V

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Jupiter Control Panels LCD16, LCD48: Multiple Mode Capability With Assignable And Auto-Relegending LCD Buttons Datasheet

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