Jupiter Control Panel LD4
Full Function X-Y Panel

Our Jupiter LD4 router control panel is a feature-rich, full-function panel that supports multidestination functionality. With visible status indicators across four destinations and category entry in a compact 1 RU panel, it nicely balances features and size — and is ideal when you need the control of destinations and the speed and flexibility of category entry.

  • Multidestination control panel for viewing status of, and control of, multiple destinations at once, with the ability to view selections four at a time
  • The ultimate in breakaway operation with 96 levels supported for individual control and status viewing
  • Color coding for rapid accurate operation:
    • Reduces learning time
    • Reduces operational errors
    • Reduces decision times
    • When panels are reconfigured the button illumination shows the change of role
  • Multiple high-resolution displays:
    • Four display windows
    • Uses the new Jupiter color codes
    • Showing destinations or levels
  • Rapid direct control of levels for easy breakaways:
    • Up to 96 levels
    • Visible status on every level including its individual source
  • Large buttons for accurate operation when it matters
  • Low profile for ease of installation:
    • Easy mounting in a desk
    • Leaves plenty of ventilation space behind the panel in a rack
  • Menu mode for local reprogramming:
    • Local configuration and operating modes can be changed from the panel itself
    • Suitable for use in changing environments
    • Removes the need for access to central configuration system
Operating Modes  
  • BPS – Single Destination
  • BPS – Multiple Destination
  • Category Entry
  • X-Y – Select & Take
  • – Scroll & Take
Breakaways Yes
Sequences Yes
Overrides Yes
Audio Modes No
Lock & Protect Yes
Chop No
Menu Yes
Sticky Levels Yes
GPIO Option Yes
Mounting Size 19" rackmount 1 RU
Overall Width 483 mm (19.02 in.)
Overall Height 38 mm (1.5 in.)
Depth (AC version) 108 mm (4.25 in.)
Depth (DC version) 32 mm (1.26 in.)
Power Consumption 12 W
Voltage Range 100V to 240V
Button Legend Label 9.6x9.6 mm (0.378x0.378 in.)
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Jupiter Control Panel LD4: Full-Function X-Y Panel Datasheet

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