Jupiter Control Panel SXY
Scroll Wheel Router Control Panel

Our Jupiter SXY is a comprehensive multidestination router control panel supporting almost every function you need. With an easy-to-use scroll wheel, it helps you rapidly select from very large numbers of sources and destinations. And with its broad range of functions and comprehensive one-button controls, it can support multiple workflows and work styles — and function as a supervisor's panel.

  • Scroll-wheel operated control panel for rapid selection from many sources and destinations
  • High power with low density:
    • Ideal for space-restricted environments
    • Where a lot of operator power is required in a small space
  • Color coding for rapid accurate operation:
    • Reduces learning time
    • Reduces operational errors
    • Reduces decision times
    • When panels are reconfigured the button illumination shows the change of role
  • High-resolution display for accurate operation:
    • Information-rich display showing current and preset sources
    • Rich with status information
    • For locked and protected destinations the identity of the controlling panel is shown
  • Rapid direct control of levels for easy breakaways:
    • Direct control of up to ten levels
  • Low profile for ease of installation:
    • Easy mounting in a desk
    • Leaves plenty of ventilation space behind the panel in a rack
  • Menu mode for local reprogramming:
    • Local configuration and operating modes can be changed from the panel itself
    • Suitable for use in changing environments
  • Removes the need for access to central configuration system
Operating Modes  
  • BPS – Single Destination
  • BPS – Multiple Destination
  • Category Entry
  • X-Y – Select & Take
  • X-Y – Scroll & Take
Maximum Number of Sources System limit
Maximum Number of Destinations System limit
Total Sources + Destinations System limit
Breakaways Up to 96
Sequences Yes
Overrides Yes
Audio Modes No
Lock & Protect Yes
Chop No
Undo No
Passwords No
Menu Yes
Sticky Levels Yes
Sticky Outputs No
Gang Switching No
GPIO Option Yes
Mounting Size 19" rackmount 1 RU
Overall Width 483 mm (19.02 in.)
Overall Height 38 mm (1.5 in.)
Depth (AC version) 108 mm (4.25 in.)
Depth (DC version) 32 mm (1.26 in.)
Power Consumption 12W
Voltage Range 100V to 240V
Button Legend Label 79x79 mm (3.11x3.11 in.)

Jupiter Control Panel SXY: Scroll-Wheel Router Control Panel Datasheet

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