Jupiter Visual Status Display
Status View of Complete Routing System

The Jupiter Visual Status Display (VSD) is a comprehensive status tool that gives users an easy-to-understand status view of their routing system. The Jupiter VSD can run on any PC connected locally, or over LAN or WAN, as long as it has access to the routing network through a LAN gateway. It allows users to create custom views, which can be saved, recalled, renamed or deleted for complete customization. The familiar Jupiter status color coding is continued here and adheres to the workflow of the Jupiter hardware and software control panels.

  • Jupiter VSD is programmed like other Jupiter control panels
  • Use on any PC that has access to the Jupiter LAN:
    • Not limited to running on the file server PC
  • LAN- or WAN-capable:
    • Place the Jupiter VSD in a remote location
  • Offers complete status information:
    • Destinations
    • Sources
    • Tie lines
    • Control boards
    • Mouse-over help shows status for locked or protected destinations
  • More flexible than ever before:
    • Create custom views of destinations, sources or tie lines
  • Follows the Jupiter easy-to-understand color code:
    • Yellow for destinations
    • Green for sources
    • Amber for levels
    • Red for lock
    • Magenta for protect

The Jupiter VSD has the following system requirements:

  • PC requirements:
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework software
    • 500 MB of space required
    • Windows XP SP2
    • 2 GHz Pentium processor
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • Up to 13 MB of available disk space (for soft panel application)
    • Screen resolution of 1280x1024 and 32-bit color PC monitor
  • Control system requirements:
    • Jupiter 7.6.1 AccuSwitch
    • CM-4000 controller

Jupiter Visual Status Display (VSD) Datasheet

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