Jupiter Routing Control
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Color-coded control that exudes quality

The Grass Valley Jupiter routing control solution features a flexible and expandable distributed architecture that can grow with your production facility.

Flexibility is at the heart of all Grass Valley's hardware and software solutions. With different Grass Valley Jupiter control solutions, you have access to various levels of capabilities and sizes of control panels including the support of up to 16 simultaneous destinations and control of up to 96 levels.

The Jupiter routing system also features color-coded operation making it easier to use, and cuts down on the amount of time spent on decision making.

Size doesn't matter: Jupiter handles everything from small production or dubbing operations to very large broadcast centers and major production facilities.

Minimize errors: The size of the buttons on the Jupiter routing control solution as well as the color coding helps improve operator accuracy.

Get superior support and control: Jupiter can lend support to multiple automation systems. It also provides the user with more options for master control as well as switcher interfacing. Jupiter routing control is just the ticket when it comes to powerful production.

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Jupiter Routing Control Solutions
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