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Jupiter Soft Panels
Basic XY & Multi-Level XY

The Grass Valley® Jupiter™ Control System is a flexible and expandable platform for system management. The Jupiter Soft Panels are options to meet different routing control workflow needs. The panels offer separate destination and source sections. Users can view categories and entries in each section, and page to additional selections in the system.

  • Programming like a hard panel:
    • These soft panels are programmed in the Jupiter system just like any other control panel type
  • Use on any PC that has access to the Jupiter LAN:
    • Not limited to running on the file server PC
  • LAN or WAN capable:
    • Place a soft panel in a remote location
  • Use with mouse and keyboard or touchscreen:
    • Faster switching
    • Higher reliability
  • Lock or protect destinations (Multi-Level XY only):
    • Separate lock and protect buttons allow you to lock or protect individual levels
  • Offers complete status information:
    • Select desired destination
    • Status of current source
    • Status of current level information
    • Lock or protect status
    • Tie line information
  • Follows the new, easy to understand Jupiter color code:
    • Yellow for destinations
    • Green for sources
    • Amber for levels
    • Magenta for protect
    • Red for lock
The Basic XY and Multi-Level XY soft panels have the following system requirements:
  • PC requirements:
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework software
    • 500 MB of space required
    • Windows XP SP2
    • 2 GHz Pentium Processor
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • Up to 13 MB of available disk space (for soft panel application)
    • Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 and 32-bit color PC monitor
  • Control system requirements:
    • Jupiter 7.6.1 AccuSwitch
    • CM-4000 controller
March 31, 2014
Hillsboro, Ore., March 31, 2014 — Broadcasting System of San-in, BSS TV, a commercial broadcaster in the San-in region of Japan, is combining business flexibility, operational excellence, and outstanding image performance with new, fully integrated broadcast solutions from Grass Valley®. BSS implemented an LDX Compact Premiere™ advanced imaging camera for its small news studio, as well as three K2 Summit® media servers, a Concerto™ multi- & mixed-format routing switcher, five Jupiter™ routing switcher control solutions, five EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear video editing software solutions, and K2 SAN storage for its news operation. Together, this new end-to-end suite of products will enable BSS to quickly and efficiently deliver news, weather, and other timely information to viewers in the Shimane and Tottori areas of Japan.
March 13, 2014
Hillsboro, Ore., March 13, 2014 — NZ Live, a new start-up broadcast facility in Auckland, has selected a fully integrated, turnkey, high-definition broadcast production solution from Grass Valley® to outfit its new facility. NZ Live will focus on feed recording, production, post-production, and playout of live sports programming from all over New Zealand. Initially, NZ Live will produce all the racing events throughout the country for the New Zealand Racing Board, but the facility is designed and purposed to cover all facets of broadcast workflows including OB operations and playout facilities. NZ Live expects to be on-air in late September 2014. This deal represents a powerful step forward for Grass Valley's presence in the growing broadcast market in New Zealand and Australia.
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Grass Valley control solutions offer the most comprehensive, multiformat solutions for acquisition, production, storage, and playback—and a strong foundation for centralized, proactive status and activity monitoring. With the increasing demands of multiplatform distribution and content repurposing, applications are required that efficiently and cost-effectively manage multiple video and audio signal paths while providing comprehensive tools to configure, monitor, and control broadcast infrastructure components.

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