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Build A Unified Solution
Your Entire System, Working Together

A server is only as interesting as the applications you can run on it. With Grass Valley® Media Server Applications, you'll meet the demanding requirements of your broadcast and professional media environments. You'll seamlessly introduce editing integration, advanced content management, automatic file synchronization, automated time delay, and a number of control applications into your server system.

Channel control, configuration, clip management, media transfers, channel monitoring, and system monitoring has never been easier.

K2 AppCenter: Use a single interface for a variety of utilities.

EDIUS® Elite: Edit collaboratively with Grass Valley nonlinear editing software

K2/Avid Transfer Manager: Easily push and pull files to and from an Avid editor or shared-storage device.

K2 Final Cut Pro Connect: Edit in place and easily transfers files. K2 InSync Software

K2 InSync Software: Keep your servers synchronized via file transfers.

K2 TimeDelay: Automate time-delays, simply, to run without intervention.

K2 SiteConfig: Configure your network, and deploy software remotely.

Avoid glitches, and ensure successful application implementation and management by partnering with Grass Valley's 24/7 Global Support Team. Learn more about Grass Valley Support »
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