K2 Central TX
High Performance Shared Storage

As a media organization, you will often need to create, as well as play out content. Yet, when considering storage solutions for discrete playout you are faced with limited option:

  • If cost is the main consideration, you can use the non-shareable, non-expandable storage in the playout server. If you want to share that storage, or perhaps expand it at a later date, then you have to build a SAN, which can be complex to install, manage and maintain.
  • If your channel requirements are small and you know that they will remain the same, with no need to grow, then you are typically left with the option of purchasing a system that is too large for your operation.

Now there is a new option. K2 Central TX. This new, high performance shared storage solution maximizes your return on investment by keeping all your storage options flexible, from production to playout.

K2 Central TX’s unique ability to bridge these two environments means that you can mix formats, frame-accurately, on the fly. It also means that you can accept content from all leading NLEs, including our own EDIUS editor, which can be directly attached to the K2 Central shared storage unit.

Now the media you need, whenever you need it, is readily available in one centralized storage location, with the ability to backup your media using traditional backup tools.

K2 Central TX is all about simplicity and performance. It is available in three storage configurations — 20 TB, 40 TB and 60 TB — to which you can attach up to five 4-channel K2 Summit 3G Transmission Clients with plug-and-play simplicity. K2 Central TX delivers up to 16 simultaneous HD channels at 100 Mb/s or up to 20 simultaneous HD channels at 50 Mb/s, both with 2 Gb/s of real-time video bandwidth and more than 800 hours of 100 Mb/s storage. Plus you can add EDIUS seats as well, for playout and production from one storage solution.




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K2 Client-Channel/EDIUS Configuration Guide
No. K2 Clients No. K2 Channels No. EDIUS Seats
4/5 16 (100 Mb/s) /
20 (50 Mb/s)
4 16 (100 Mb/s) 3
3 12 (100 Mb/s) 4
2 8 (100 Mb/s) 5
1 4 (100 Mb/s) 6
0 0 7
  • Direct Connect via GigE with up to five K2 Summit clients
  • Support for up to 16 channels at 100 Mb/s video data rate
  • Support for up to 20 channels at 50 Mb/s video data rate
  • Dense 4 RU package with 24 x 2 TB, 4 TB or 6 TB HDDs
  • 10 GigE connectivity to third-party devices
  • RAID-1, 2 SSD drives (operating system)
  • RAID-10, 2 x 12-drive stripe groups (media)
  • Up to 60 TB of usable storage for more than 800 hours at 100 Mb/s
  • Dual power supplies and system drives for reliability

4 RU shared storage solution for transmission

GigE Interface
RJ-45 copper

Storage server for up to 24 HDDs
4 RU Storage Option, 24 x 3.5” 2 TB HDDs
4 RU Storage Option, 24 x 3.5” 4 TB HDDs
4 RU Storage Option, 24 x 3.5” 6 TB HDDs

Optional Accessories:
Optional rack adapter for mounting in standard 19-inch wide equipment rack

K2 SD/HD/3G/4K Media Server & Storage Platform Datasheet

The K2 media server and storage platform from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is the most extensive and flexible line of media servers, storage and integrated playout devices in the industry. Leveraging open-standard IT components and technologies, the K2 platform brings the benefits of mainstream computer industries to the broadcast enterprise — including the latest advances in processing power and storage capacity with ease of integration, and streamlined operation and management, for formats ranging from SD to 4K.

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