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K2 Dyno Replay System
Incredibly Intuitive

The Grass Valley® K2 Dyno® Replay System is remarkably easy to learn and use. With a highly intuitive touchscreen interface, the K2 media server infrastructure, and increased content/metadata integration, you'll find creating engaging replays and highlight packages a dream.

Create highlights at high speed: With a quick learning curve, you'll soon be mastering the controller touchscreen, shuttle knob, and Grass Valley T-bar to great effect. Cueing replays and creating highlight packages at a fast pace will help you deliver the action, even when it requires sharing content across K2 Summit systems. ShareFlex™ keeps it fast!

Drag, drop, produce: Live production is becoming more complex, but with the K2 Dyno Replay System, replay is amazingly simple. Providing streamlined and familiar processes, higher speeds, and the ability to work in parallel with other members of the K2 family, this is the ultimate in replay systems.

AnySpeed...anytime: Using optimized Grass Valley technology, the K2 Dyno Replay System with its unique AnySpeed™ technology dynamically provides the smoothest playback at any speed from 0% to 200%.

Powerful flexibility: Featuring the flexible K2 media server, the K2 Dyno Replay System has a lot in its locker. You can reconfigure its software and hardware capabilities. You can scale it up for increased capacity, channels, and guaranteed bandwidth. Offering incredible versatility, the K2 Dyno Replay System can be used for ingest, editing, clip store, and replay, making it a great value.

For a complete ultra and super slow-motion replay system, see our LDX 3X and 6X high-speed cameras.

K2 Dyno Applications
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K2 Dyno Replay System Highlights

Moving to a high quality server based instant replay system has been limited to high end events due to the high cost and complexity of operation. K2 Dyno changes that with an easy-to-use, powerful, server based replay system that is affordable for smaller markets and new operators as well as major markets and experienced operators. Coupled with a K2 Summit or K2 Solo, it offers a complete system at less than half the price of traditional solutions.

The K2 Dyno Replay System is a complete workflow solution that addresses preproduction, on-air operation, and post-production requirements. It is easy to pre-load material and metadata before an event and quick and easy to walk away at the end of an event with all your material on industry-standard removable media.

With just a few hours of training, even inexperienced operators can be ready to handle slo-mo replays, create clips, and build highlight packages on-the-fly. The color touchscreen interface and high-quality T-Bar and buttons offer a user experience unmatched in the industry.

The ChannelFlex® option for K2 Summit® and K2 Solo® brings expanded functionality to the K2 Dyno Replay System. This is a software option that is accessed through a version of the K2 control application called AppCenter Elite. All capabilities are enabled with a single software license and simple Ethernet connection between servers. Every operators can have access to a highlight folder on remote servers, build playlist with remote clips that will be automatically transferred, or directly stream any remote record train camera angle to local playout channels.

  • Affordable SD, HD, 3G, UHD/4K replay system for file-based live production
  • Utilizes K2 Summit® 3G or K2 Solo® 3G media servers:
    • Standard networking and storage connectivity for import/export
    • Built-in VGA multiviewer and SDI video monitoring
    • Up to 6 or 7 channels in a 2 RU K2 Summit 3G server
  • Intuitive, ergonomic, and easy-to-use controller:
    • Color touchscreen display and multicolor buttons
    • Instant replay with LDX HS™ and LDX XS™ cameras for super slow-motion and ultra slow-motion acquisition
    • Precision control jog/shuttle knob
  • Highlight, marks, and multiple pause point creation
  • Separate name, tag, rating, and in/out points for each clip angle
  • Integrated metadata through all production phases
  • Playlists with mix effect transitions per playout channel
  • Fast, real-time editing of playlists
  • Build to music or voiceovers using auxiliary audio tracks
  • Playback speed, effects, and pause per clip
  • Audio level controls for clips and record/play channels
  • Simple editor integration with edit-in-place or file transfer of content
  • K2 Dyno Replay System content management provided by GV STRATUS nonlinear media production tools
  • Multiple K2 Dyno S Replay Systems can share resources either with ShareFlex™ peer-to-peer mode or with a K2 SAN
  • 90-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • Typical power consumption: 60 Watts
Dimensions: depth = 383 mm (15.1 in.); width = 245 mm (9.7 in.); height = 164 mm. (6.5 in.) (All approx.)
Weight: 4.75 kg (10.45 lbs.)
Temperature range:
  • Operating: 0°C to 40°C ( 32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity range: 10% to 90% (relative humidity)

Highlight clips: highlight clips are easily created from marked points
Playlists: highlight clips placed into playlist can be moved (drag-and-drop) while playing, and the camera angle can be changed as well
Playlists with transitions, mixed effects: M/E transitions are dissolves or fade to matte between highlight clips. Transitions are executed using only one channel of playout
Metadata and keywords: metadata and keywords can be input with each highlight or marked clip. Easy to edit-in-place keyword tool. Keywords exported with saved user configuration. This information can be text searchable
Favorites bar: store clips, playlists, or access networked folders quickly through a "slide" bar available with a finger gesture

Front Panel
Buttons: Full color spectrum, fast response time, 23 buttons, 43 shift and function capabilities
Slow motion lever: Grass Valley Karrera® switcher T-bar, full range variable -1000 to +1000 speed
Jog, control knob: 60 mm, custom design, rubber encased light-weight aluminum core with tactile relief, fast jog mode up to 50X
LCD touch panel: 213 mm (8.4 in.) 800x600 resolution, gesture control enhanced

Rear Panel K2 Dyno
Power button: momentary/standby type with protective cover
Network: 2 each, Gigabit Ethernet ports – system control with K2 Summit production client
USB 2.0 connectors: 4 each, 500 mA type connectors
Display ports: 2 DVI each, dual support
CompactFlash slot: standard CF type – operating system

Rear Panel K2 Dyno S
Power button: momentary/standby type with protective cover
2 each, Gigabit Ethernet ports – system control with K2 Summit production client
USB 2.0 connectors:
4 each, 500 mA type connectors
USB 3.0 connectors:
2 each, 900 mA type connectors
Display ports:
2 Display Port++ each, dual support

K2 Dyno Replay Systems using K2 Summit 3G Clients with Internal Storage (in hours*)
600 GB RAID-1 (6/6) 240 120 60 207 183 132
600 GB RAID-0 (12/0) 480 240 120 414 366 264

RAID-1 = 6 data drives and 6 parity drives. RAID-0 = 12 data drives
*Time for video with four 16-bit audio channels, no ancillary data. Times are estimated and can vary up to ±10%.

Please visit the K2 Summit 3G product page for complete server specifications.
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August 19, 2014
MONTREAL, August 19, 2014 — Visitors to Stand C07/D08 at SET Expo will see how the new Grass Valley, a Belden brand, delivers the right solutions, expertise, and service to meet the needs of broadcasters, content owners and service providers, today and in the future. Following the merger earlier this year of Grass Valley and Miranda, Grass Valley now offers the broadest portfolio of workflow technologies and solutions covering acquisition through delivery.
August 6, 2014
MONTREAL, August 6, 2014 — Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, today announces that TV Bahia, a regional broadcaster in Bahia, Brazil, has purchased four K2 Dyno Replay Systems that include the recently incorporated tOG-Sports telestration option from RT Software. TV Bahia will use the powerful K2 Dyno systems for all sports-related broadcasts and cultural events. TV Bahia used the powerful new system for recent events such as the Salvador Carnival and Summer Festival 2014.

K2 Dyno Replay System Solution Datasheet

The Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System is a comprehensive set of live production replay tools that are seamlessly integrated for use in file-based production environments. With its operational simplicity and IT-friendly implementation, the K2 Dyno Replay System dramatically expands the possibilities for live production. With hundreds of systems in use, the K2 Dyno Replay System has been established as a leading solution for production teams covering all types of live broadcast events.

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