K2 Dyno Production Assistant
Live Production Content Management System
K2 Dyno Production Assistant (PA) software is a top quality content management system. If you're a creative working on live event production, you'll simply love this new member of your team. With K2 Dyno PA, virtually any number of ingest/replay channels and content destinations are yours for moving media where you need it most. You can build smart and savvy rules to automate content transfers so users can concentrate on critical and necessary creative production tasks during demanding live events.
  • Intuitive and flexible workspaces:
    • User configurable workspaces that are customizable to unique staff and event requirements
    • Single or multiple user clients
    • Some components can operate off-line for tasks such as building metadata grids and setting up rules-based processes
  • Extensive content management toolset:
    • Manage and aggregate content from K2 bins (standalone and SAN) and transfer/stream to removable storage or network destinations with no additional hardware or software components needed
    • Standard file interchange with MXF OP1a, GXF, QuickTime
    • Network control of K2 ingest channels and playout channels
    • Grouping of K2 channels for synchronized record and play
    • Create and execute rules for background transfer operations not requiring user intervention
    • Search tools to find content across multiple K2 clients
    • Logging tools with keyword and keyframe marking
    • Create metadata frameworks in user-defined grids to consistently tag content
    • Send material during and after an event to popular editing systems such as Grass Valley EDIUS®, Grass Valley Aurora™, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, or Avid Media Composer with no additional hardware or software components needed
    • EVS X-File transfer management using AVC-Intra and DV formats in MXF file wrappers
    • Browse, over the network, record channels and DV, AVC-Intra, and XDCAM clips from any K2 Summit®/K2 Solo® server
    • Augment metadata from multiple K2 Dyno Replay Systems during and after production for content re-use
    • Review and create sub-clips from content on multiple K2 Dyno Replay Systems
    • Build highlights/playlists
  • Standard IT integration:
    • High capacity, continuous, and guaranteed bandwidth with Gigabit Ethernet networking for control and file transfers
    • USB and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for standard, off-the-shelf IT storage devices and destinations
Computer Platform and Client PCs
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Dual Core 2.0 GHz (Quad core recommended for AVC-Intra playback)
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Display: Integrated or discrete graphics with 256 MB of memory
  • System Drive: 80 GB 7200 RPM SATA
  • Network: 2 Gigabit Ethernet adapters for ISCSI SAN connectivity (or 1 adapter for stand-alone environements.)

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Platform supporting multiple live production content management clients. Clients can provide content management, browsing, channel control, logging, metadata handling, transfers, clip and playlist creation.
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K2 Dyno Replay System Datasheet

The Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System is a comprehensive set of live production replay tools that are seamlessly integrated for use in file-based production environments. With its operational simplicity and IT-friendly implementation, the K2 Dyno Replay System dramatically expands the possibilities for live production. With hundreds of systems in use, the K2 Dyno Replay System has been established as a leading solution for production teams covering all types of live broadcast events.

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