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K2 Edge
Let Efficiency Reign

Revolutionary Smart Playout

Enabling automated processes is essential when you want to deliver exceptional content.

When you use Grass Valley's Smart Playout Center™, you'll perfectly blend a high-quality content delivery platform into your current workflows and infrastructure to deliver premium performance with maximum efficiency. With seamless integration like that, your playout geniuses can continue to do what they do best!

Get a single delivery solution: When you work with the complete, multifunctional platform of the Smart Playout Center, you'll use optimized IT technology, and bring together playout management, asset management, and advanced graphics—all without adding new, expensive tools. K2 Edge™ playout nodes are purpose-built for mission critical, 24/7/365 playout environments, so you'll have a highly reliable, high-performance solution all in one.

Save money: Smart Playout Center's streamlined configuration means less equipment, making the total cost of ownership lower than you'd expect with such incredible functionality. The support of Grass Valley's Professional Services Team will bring increased confidence in worry-free design and deployment, and ensure successful installation and management.

Scale whenever you need: With a distributed architecture, modular scalability, and a centralized database, you'll have the flexibility you need to scale as your playout and distribution needs change. The Grass Valley® Smart Playout Center is easily upgradable for added functionality and storage, so you'll have a solution for today and for tomorrow.

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