K2 Dyno Video Replay

Coloring outside the lines is encouraged

Life captured daily—The K2 Dyno® Replay System is the fastest way to create replay and highlight packages. With the K2 Dyno S Replay Controller's highly intuitive touchscreen interface, a K2 media server infrastructure, and increased content/metadata integration, using K2 Dyno is a dream.

With a quick learning curve, you'll soon be mastering the controller touchscreen, shuttle knob, and Grass Valley® T-bar to create stunning and engaging content faster than you thought possible.

Plays well with others
ShareFlex™ keeps it fast when sharing content across K2 Summit® systems.

Simplify live production
Providing streamlined and familiar processes, higher speeds, and the ability to work in parallel with other members of the K2 family, this is the ultimate in replay systems.

Your own personal assistant
The Grass Valley® K2 Dyno® Production Assistant software is a top quality content management system. If you're a creative working on live event production, you'll simply love this new member of your team.

Featuring the flexible K2 media server, the K2 Dyno has a lot in its locker. Reconfigure its software and hardware capabilities, scale up for increased capacity and channels with guaranteed bandwidth. K2 Dyno can be used for ingest, editing, clip store, and replay, making it a great value.

Each of Dorna's eight K2 Dyno® Replay Systems consist of a K2 Summit® media server and a K2 Dyno Replay Controller, which allows each operator to mark and tag clips, cue up replays, and play them back; using variable speeds and mix effects to add creative production value.
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