K2 Summit 3G Transmission Client
4-Channel MPEG-2 and DV Format Playout Client

K2 Summit 3G Transmission Clients are built for broadcast and distribution services using manual or traditional automation systems — with mission critical, 24/7/365 reliability. Each K2 Summit 3G Transmission Client comes with two HD/SD bidirectional channels and two HD/SD playout channels to give you the configuration variety you need — including two record and two playout, to models with four playout channels. Plus you get built-in up/down/crossconversion capability with full AFD, so migrating from SD to HD is worry-free.

And when you need shared storage or more than four channels, adding K2 Central TX Shared Storage supports up to five K2 Summit 3G Transmission Clients for up to 20 simultaneous HD channels and more than 800 hours of storage at 100 Mb/s.

  • Affordable SD/HD playout system for broadcasters
  • Compact 2 RU chassis with redundant power supplies
  • Up to 4 configurable channels, with two playout channels and two bidirectional channels (record or playout)
  • Play DV, MPEG formats back-to-back
  • Clients with direct external storage connection or shared storage connection to K2 SAN
  • Servers with eight 2 TB 7.2K SAS drives configured as RAID-10:
    • 1,100 hours at 12 Mb/s
    • 312 hours at 50 Mb/s
    • 156 hours at 100 Mb/s
  • Multiple SDI outputs per channel:
    • SDI on-air output
    • SDI monitor output with timecode burn-in
  • Quad split multiviewer with audio level meters, clip name, timecode burn-in, count down, and transport controls (part of K2 AppCenter Pro)
  • Built-in automatic up/down/crossconversion with aspect ratio conversion and full AFD support
  • Easy to service chassis from within the rack
  • Embedded OS on CompactFlash
  • Import/export supported formats as MXF OP1a, SMPTE 360M (GXF), or QuickTime
  • Comprehensive protocol support for control by wide range of automation and other applications
  • Channel control over RS-422 or Ethernet (with selected applications)
  • AppCenter-based Playlist Manager for simple playback options
  • QuickTime-compatible file system provides easy interfaces to NLE systems
  • Wide support from automation and media asset management suppliers
Video Channels
  • BNC, 75Ω
  • SD SDI: SMPTE 259M, ITU-R601, 525/625 line component, 10-bit
  • HD-SDI: SMPTE 292M, 10-bit
Configurations – Client
  • 4 playout channels
  • 3 playout channels and 1 record channel
  • 2 playout channels and 2 record channels
Configurations – Server
4-Channel Models:
  • Four playout channels
  • Three playout channels and one record channel
  • Two playout channels and two record channels
2-Channel Model:
  • Two playout channels
  • One playout channel and one record channel
  • DV, DVCAM, DV25, DV50
  • MPEG-2@ML 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP 2-15 Mb/s
  • MPEG-2 @ML 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP 4-50 Mb/s
  • DVCPRO HD (playout only)
  • MPEG-2@HL 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP 12-100 Mb/s
  • MPEG-2@HL 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP 20-100 Mb/s
  • XDCAM HD (18, 25, 35 Mb/s)
  • XDCAM HD 4:2:2 (50 Mb/s)
Monitor Output
Each channel has a secondary SDI monitoring output with optional timecode burn-in (with AppCenter Pro option)
Multiviewer Output
Built-in multi-viewer displays all four channels on one VGA monitor (with K2 AppCenter Pro option)
Up/Down/Crossconversion and Aspect Ratio
  • 525i➞1080i, 525i➞720p, 625i➞1080i, 625i➞720p
  • 720p➞1080i crossconversion
  • AFD support for 4:3➞16:9 aspect ratio conversion with format specified basis with clip by clip override capability
  • Bar, half-bar, crop, and stretch options configurable via UI, AMP protocol, or K2.net (native protocol)
Storage Connections – Client
Direct Connect:
8 Gb/s Fibre Channel
K2 SAN Connect:
  • 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel single or dual redundant connections
  • iSCSI over Ethernet single or dual redundant connections
Storage Capacities – Server
8 2 TB 7.2K SAS drives
RAID-10 configurations:
  • 8 Mb/s = 1,500 hours
  • 12 Mb/s = 1,100 hours
  • 15 Mb/s = 920 hours
  • 25 Mb/s = 592 hours
  • 50 Mb/s = 312 hours
  • 100 Mb/s = 156 hours
Audio Specifications
  • Input: 48 kHz, 16-, or 24-bit digital
  • Audio PCM
  • Sample rate conversion on inputs (32 kHz to 96 kHz) to 48 kHz
  • Output: 48 kHz clock derived from video reference, 16- or 24-bit
  • Compliant with SD-SMPTE 259M, HD-SMPTE 292M
  • Audio delay adjustable ±200 ms relative to output video
  • Pass-through of Dolby D and E
E-to-E Mode
  • Less than one frame delay
  • No re-timing applied
Audio Special Features
  • Scrub audio support (±2X)
  • Audio click elimination
  • Agile playback of clips with different supported audio formats
  • Audio tagging and audio mapping (with K2 AppCenter Pro)
12 in, 12 out – 25-pin D connector (DB25)
Reference Genlock
  • NTSC/PAL black composite analog
  • Two BNC, 75Ω passive loop-through
  • Burst frequency lock: PAL, +10 Hz at subcarrier NTSC, +20 Hz at subcarrier
  • LTC SMPTE 12M one per channel
  • One mini-XLR per input and output
  • One VITC reader/writer per video
  • Two or four RS-422 serial ports
  • 100/1000Base-T Ethernet port
  • BVW (RS-422) (w/o insert edit)
  • VDCP & Odetics (RS-422)
  • AMP (RS-422 and Ethernet)
  • K2.net native API
Media Exchange
MXF OP1a, GXF (SMPTE 360M), AVI, and QuickTime
  • Four 100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports
  • One USB 2.0 front, two USB 2.0 rear
  • One RS-422 serial port per channel
  • 15-pin SVGA
Remote Monitoring
Grass Valley SNMP-based remote facility-monitoring software
UL 60950, FCC Class A, EMC Class A, CE, C-Tick, CSA 60950, IEC 950, EN 60950
Power Requirements
  • Dual redundant 500W maximum, 300W typical
  • Auto-sensing, hot-swappable
  • 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Height: 2 RU (9 cm (3.5 in.))
  • Width: 44.5 cm (17.5 in.)
  • Depth: 61.6 cm (24.3 in.)
  • Weight: 24 kg (52.9 lbs.) maximum
Environmental Characteristics
  • Operating temperature: 10° to +40°C (50° to 104°F)
  • Non-operating temperature: -40° to +60°C (-40° to 140°F)
  • Operating relative humidity: 20% to 80% from -5° to +45°C (23° to 113°F)
  • Non-operating relative humidity: 10% to 80% from -30° to +60°C (-22° to 140°F)
Included in Package
  • Power cords (2)
  • LTC cables (4)
  • Documentation CD
  • QuickStart guide
  • USB stick with recover image

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K2 SD/HD/3G/4K Media Server & Storage Platform Datasheet

The K2 media server and storage platform from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is the most extensive and flexible line of media servers, storage and integrated playout devices in the industry. Leveraging open-standard IT components and technologies, the K2 platform brings the benefits of mainstream computer industries to the broadcast enterprise — including the latest advances in processing power and storage capacity with ease of integration, and streamlined operation and management, for formats ranging from SD to 4K.

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