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K2 TimeDelay
Giving You Control Around-the-Clock

Grass Valley® K2 TimeDelay software puts you firmly in control, even when you're not at work. This automated time delay application can run 24/7 without you having to lift a finger—leaving you free to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Hit the ground running: The last thing you want with time delay software is to waste hours on setup, monitoring, and adjustments. This software runs within the K2 AppCenter user interface so you can learn the ropes quickly and don't have to rely on a separate application.

Trim your training time: The usability of the software makes it quick and easy to learn—ideal if your facility staff have to be real multi-taskers.

  • Programmable 24-hour start time for unattended operation configured by:
  • Time of day:
    • LTC
    • VITC
  • Begin playback while incoming feed is still recording
  • Automatic notification if storage space is not available
  • Thumbnail support shows what clip is recording and playing out
  • Auto-recovery support:
    • Resumes at the same position as if uninterrupted
    • Disruption time filled with black video and silent audio
  • Modify playback channel delay on-the-fly
  • Time-delayed clips can be used by another application such as creating subclips or for playing out on a standard player channel
Runs on any K2 media client*:
  • Standalone
  • Shared storage
  • K2-SD-04, K2-HD-12, K2-HD-xx, K2 Summit®, and K2 Solo®
Runs locally on the K2 client
Channel control:
  • 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, or 2x2** configurations
  • SD or HD channels
Minimum delay:
  • 15 seconds on a standalone K2
  • 25 seconds on shared storage
Maximum delay: 24 hours
Supports all operational features of K2 system, including:
  • Automatic up/down conversion
  • SD/HD channel configuration
  • Automatic aspect-ratio conversion
  • Automatic closed-caption preservation on up/down conversion
Audio channels:
  • 16 audio channels per video
  • 16-, 20-, 24-bit PCM or Dolby E/AC-3 formats
  • Audio levels can be modified for the record or play channel while in operation

* Requires K2 system software V3.1 or later, K2 Summit/Solo software V7.1 or later.
** Application licensed per record channel K2-TimeDelay

K2 TimeDelay: Automatic Time-Delay Application Datasheet

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