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Kayenne Video Production Center
Make the Switch and Never Look Back

Grass Valley® Kayenne® Video Production Centers are the world's most powerful switchers.

This video production software platform is scalable so you can keep up the good work today and in the future. It could very well be the control panel of your dreams.

Easy to learn, hard to forget: The Kayenne Video Production Center is hot on improving workflows and on fire when it comes to usability. Its familiar design makes it ideal for environments where freelancers are employed. You can mount the unique Kayenne control flat or in a banked curve. K-Frame™ hits the sweet spot with its ability to specifically configure Kayenne with full 3G 1080p50/60 HD support.

Numbers worth noting: When needed, this 1080p-capable switcher can adapt to offer up to 192 inputs, 96 outputs, and up to 9 M/Es with six keyers in every full M/E.

First-class flexibility: The FlexiKey™ feature allows a single switcher to separately program configurations of keyers from each M/E output so you can do more. Switched-on savvy operators love this production switcher—don't you?

Cut your power consumption by up to 50%: Kayenne—now with K-Frame—provides a new modular approach to switchers. It's not power hungry, in fact it consumes around half of what other switcher systems do. Kayenne also has a bonus when it comes to return on investment. There's less hardware to install and it's suitable for your every production requirement, including 3G 1080p.

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Grass Valley® Kayenne® switchers range in size from 1.5 to 4.5 M/Es, with the half M/E standard in all models. Among the standard features found on all Kayenne switchers are DoubleTake (split M/E mode) and FlexiKey (programmable clean feed). FlexiKey supports multi-client live programming with up to four outputs.

The complete frame has up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs. Each full M/E has six keyers; four full-function keyers, plus two linear/luminance keyers. In addition, each full-function keyer has two pages (frames) of video and key storage, which free up Image Store outputs. Full-function keyers also have powerful integrated DPMs (iDPM). The half M/E has six linear/luminance keyers.

Kayenne also provides up to 20 DPM channels, including the powerful new expansion DPM (eDPM).

Source Rules on the Kayenne can be used to automatically add and drop keys determined by a rule specific to that source without using macros or E-MEMs. These rules are executed when the source is selected. Source Rules can also provide look-ahead previews for transitions.

Kayenne includes the unique ability to use the Define E-MEM feature to expose 23 sublevels per M/E for partial keyframing and allows the assignment of non-M/E sublevels to M/Es for precision control when creating and running effects. A generous 999 macros can be recalled in many new ways from the panel, while users can fine-tune them with a standalone Macro Editor.

Kayenne also introduces a Device Control Module (DCM), which supports full-motion control (including jog wheel) for up to 32 devices such as DDRs, VTRs, and Image Store. And a Q-MEM cues library allows the technical crew to learn and recall one or more clips on multiple servers or VTRs Independent of E MEM, the library eliminates the need to tie up multiple E-MEM registers with the same effect for different clips. Q-MEM is closely integrated with the panel's Device Control Module and System Bar.

The Kayenne control panel was ergonomically designed for easy access to the buttons and controls. It can be mounted flat or in a banked curve with selected M/E stripes angled toward the user. Each source select and aux bus module on the Kayenne features two rows of OLED source name displays that provide ultra-clear text and ultra-wide viewing angles. All buttons are illuminated with a selection of RGB colors, which dynamically change to indicate context (M/E colors, key colors, source colors, and function colors).

For long-time Grass Valley switcher operators, Kayenne brings back the popular and instantly familiar split T-Bar for total control of DoubleTake split M/Es.

All control panel modules on the Kayenne are hot swappable, even while on-air, for ease of servicing. This includes individual M/E cards and power supplies.

Kayenne operators enjoy a silent work environment. All processing and fans have been removed from the switcher itself and placed in a Panel Control Unit (PCU) that can be positioned in a rack up to 15 meters (50 feet) away. And, with a maximum power consumption of 1,000 watts for the 8 RU frame model, Kayenne is also the "greenest" switcher on the planet.

  • Standard Frame:
    • Up to 192 inputs and 96 outputs
    • Up to 9 M/Es, accessible across two suites – by using DoubleTake™ this may be increased to 18 virtual M/Es
    • Up to 16 iDPMs (integrated Digital Picture Manipulators), assigned as either floating iDPMs or within an eDPM at user's discretion
  • Compact Frame:
    • Up to 80 inputs and 48 outputs
    • Up to 5 M/Es – by using DoubleTake this may be increased to 10 virtual M/Es
    • Up to 8 iDPMs, assigned as either floating iDPMs or within an eDPM at user's discretion
  • Fully digital 10-bit 4:2:2 video switcher including 1080p level A or B support
  • Optional smart I/O modules provide up/down/crossconversion
  • Integrated macro editor allows users to edit macros online or offline on a PC running the menu application
  • Every M/E has six keyers with standard keying modes including chromakey, two frame stores per keyer, and every keyer in a full M/E can use the floating iDPM system
  • Optional DoubleTake (split M/E mode) effectively increases the number of M/Es and includes FlexiKey™ programmable clean feed mode for separately programmable configurations of keyers from four M/E outputs
  • 2D DPMs (resizers) on every M/E, with 6 pairs of 2D DPMs per M/E so the iDPMs can be used for more complex digital effects
  • The Controller M/E has a full complement of six keyers with chromakey and 2D DPMs
  • Aux bus transitions for dissolves and wipes on aux bus outputs
  • Interfaces with Grass Valley routers and their control systems
  • Integrated Image Store capable of delivering up to 1,800 stills or 30 seconds of 1080p video to 10 video and key pair outputs
  • LDK Series & LDX Series™ camera control with Ethernet tally via Connect Gateway
  • Integrated external ClipStore provides multiple channels of video/key pairs for up to 10+ hours of nonvolatile video/key/audio clip content
  • 999 macros with many new ways to recall macros from the panel
  • 1,000 E-MEM registers with Define E-MEM for fine control in creation and editing of effects

Kayenne Features in Depth
  • RGB color correction on M/E buses and aux bus outputs
  • System bar on panel with up to six device control windows, switched preview, aux bus delegation, and macro controls
  • Source Rules links keyers to sources and set rules for whether they are on, off, or left alone on every M/E with full look-ahead preview of the rules
  • Optional panel Device Control Module for integrated machine control with Q-MEM cue library for server/VTR content
  • Frames have hot-swappable, front and rear removable modules and power supplies
  • Modular panel with hot-swappable modules
NOTE: Specifications shown here are for Kayenne with K-Frame Panel configurations. For Kayenne with classic Kayenne Panel configuration specifications, please refer to the "Kayenne Video Production Center Data Sheet" within the Product Documents tab.

Mechanical Specifications
Component Depth Width Height Weight Rack Units
Control Panels Flat Support Structure Orientation
KAYN-PNL-100-15* 356.4 mm (14.03 in.) 758.3 mm (29.85 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 14.5 kg (32.0 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-200-25 488.4 mm (19.23 in.) 1341.7 mm (52.82 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 29.9 kg (65.8 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-200-35 488.4 mm (19.23 in.) 1533.7 mm (60.38 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.)   n/a
KAYN-PNL-300-25 637.1 mm (25.08 in.) 1341.7 mm (52.82 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.)   n/a
KAYN-PNL-300-35 637.1 mm (25.08 in.) 1533.7 mm (60.38 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 44.7 kg (98.4 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-400-25 746.3 mm (29.38 in.) 1341.7 mm (52.82 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.)   n/a
KAYN-PNL-400-35 746.3 mm (29.38 in.) 1533.7 mm (60.38 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 57.3 kg (126.2 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-AUX-25 185.7 mm (7.31 in.) 621.7 mm (24.48 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 6.1 kg (13.4 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-AUX-35 185.7 mm (7.31 in.) 813.7 mm (32.04 in.) 84.3 mm (3.32 in.) 6.3 kg (13.8 lbs.) n/a
KAYN-PNL-MENU 91.7 mm (3.61 in.) 417.85 mm (16.45 in.) 270.10 mm (10.63 in.) 6.2 kg (13.5 lbs) n/a
KAYN-PNL-PCU 588.52 mm (23.17 in.) 482.60 mm (19 in.) 133.35 mm (5.25 in.) 16.06 kg (35.4 lbs.) 3
K-FRM-100C (6 RU**) 558.8 mm (22.0 in.) 482.8 mm (19 in.) 266 mm (10.47 in.) 31.1 kg (68.2 lbs.) 6**
K-FRM-100S (13 RU**) 566.2 mm (22.29 in.) 482.8 mm (19 in.) 577.1 mm (22.72 in.) 55.1 kg (121.0 lbs.) 13**
K-FRM-PSU-FRAME (1 RU)*** 492 mm (19.37 in.) 483.1 mm (19 in.) 44 .0 mm (1.75 in.) 10.5 kg (23.0 lbs.) 1
Weights for the K-FRM-100C and K-FRM-100S are with fully populated units
* w/o Local Aux module.
** Does not include required 1 RU K-FRM-PSU-FRAME power supply frame.
*** Frame weight is with two power supplies. A single power supply weighs 2.5 kg (5.4 lbs.). The K-FRM-PSU-FRAME supports up to three power supplies.

Frame M/Es Inputs Outputs GPI Inputs Per Board GPI/Tally Outputs Per Board Smart I/O (MatchDef/SetDef)
Compact 6 RU 1 to 5* 32 to 64 plus up to 16 Smart I/O 16 to 32 dual plus up to 16 Smart I/O 8 per input 32 per input board Each Smart I/O card provides 4 inputs and 4 outputs with 4 up/down/crossconversion (MatchDef/SetDef) capability
Standard 13 RU 1 to 9* 32 to 160 plus up to 32 Smart I/O 16 to 64 dual plus up to 32 Smart I/O 8 per input 32 per input board
Board Count
Compact 6 RU Up to 2 M/E boards (two M/Es per board) Up to 2 input boards (32 inputs per board) Up to 2 output boards (16 dual outputs per board)     Up to 4 I/O modules
Standard 13 RU Up to 4 M/E boards (two M/Es per board) Up to 5 input boards (32 inputs per board) Up to 4 output boards (16 dual outputs per board)     Up to 8 I/O modules
* Includes Controller M/E.

Video Standards
3G Mode:
  • 1080p50/59.94/60, Level A and Level B (Dual Link)
HD Mode:
  • 1080i25/29.97/30
  • 1080PsF23.976/24/25 (mid 2013)
  • 720p50/59.94/60
SD Mode*:
  • 525i59.94
  • 625i50

Serial Digital Video Inputs
  • 3G video formats SMPTE 424M-2006
  • HD video formats SMPTE 292M-1998
  • SD video formats SMPTE 259M-1997 ITU-R BT.656
Return loss:
  • >15 dB, 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz
  • >10 dB, 1.5 GHz to 3.0 GHz
Type of connector: 75Ω BNC (SMPTE 259M)
Nominal amplitude: 800 mVp-p terminated
Input impedance: 75Ω
Max. cable length: using Belden 1694A type cable
  • 3G video 140m (459 ft.) typical
  • HD video 200m (656 ft.) typical
  • SD video 350m (1,148 ft.) typical

Serial Digital Video Outputs
  • 3G video formats SMPTE 424M-2006
  • HD video formats SMPTE 292M-1998
  • SD video formats SMPTE 259M-1997 ITU-R BT.656
Return loss:
  • >15 dB, 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz
  • >10 dB, 1.5 GHz to 3.0 GHz
Type of connector: 75Ω BNC (SMPTE 259M)
Nominal amplitude: 800 mVp-p across 75Ω
Rise and fall times:
  • 3G & HD video formats ≤ 135 ps between 20% and 80% amplitude
  • SD video formats, 400 to 1400 ps between 20% and 80% amplitude
Timing jitter:
  • 3G video formats ≤ 2.0 UI
  • HD video formats ≤ 1.0 UI
  • SD video formats ≤ 0.2 UI
Alignment jitter:
  • 3G video formats ≤ 0.3 UI
  • HD video formats ≤ 0.2 UI
  • SD video formats ≤ 0.2 UI
Output impedance: 75Ω
DC offset: <500 mV with 75Ω termination
Ancillary and embedded data: blanked or passed (user selectable)
EDH: blanked

Analog Reference Input
Video standard: Analog Black or Tri-level sync
Return loss: >40 dB, up to 5 MHz
Connectors: 2 BNC loop-through
Impedance: 75Ω external termination

  • PCU to video frame: LAN cable 100m (328 ft.) max. length
  • Control panel to PCU: dedicated cables, choice of 7.5m or 15m
  • Menu panel to PCU: dedicated cables, choice of 7.5m or 15m
The Kayenne Video Production Center is interoperable with the Encore™, Jupiter™, and SMS-7000 routing control systems; LDK Series and LDX Series cameras using Connect Gateway; and with the K2 media server family (including the K2 Summit® and K2 Solo®), legacy Profile® servers, M-Series™ iVDRs, Turbo™ iDDRs, and T2™ iDDRs.

Supported Control Protocols
The Kayenne Video Production Center supports Ethernet and serial AMP protocol (standard in all systems), serial BVW and Odetics protocols, as well as controlling devices using PBus II and GPIs
  • Serial BVW-75 for VTR control
  • AMP (advanced media protocol) for Profile PVS, Profile XP Media Platform, K2, M-Series, Turbo iDDR, and T2 iDDR systems over Ethernet
  • Grass Valley Native Protocol for routers/routing control systems (Trinix™/Trinix NXT, Venus™, Triton™, and third-party routers; Jupiter and Encore router control systems)
  • Ethernet Tally (optional)
  • Ethernet CPL to control Grass Valley external remote AUX Panels
  • Grass Valley editor protocol for edit controllers and external control

Video Processing Frame 6 RU:
  • Line voltage: 100V-240 VAC ±10% power factor corrected
  • Automatic line-voltage sensing for 120V and 240V sources
  • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz ±5%
  • Power consumption: max. 900W
  • Leakage current: <2.5 mA
Video Processing Frame 13 RU:
  • Line voltage: 100V-240 VAC ±10% power factor corrected
  • Automatic line-voltage sensing for 120V and 240V sources
  • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz ±5%
  • Power consumption: max. 1400W (1000W with EDPM)
  • Leakage current: <2.5 mA
Control Panel:
  • Line voltage: 100V-240 VAC ±10% power factor corrected
  • Automatic line-voltage sensing for 120V and 240V sources
  • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz ±5%
  • Power consumption: max. 200W
  • Leakage current: <2.5 mA

Environmental Conditions
Storage temperature: -20 to 70ºC (-4 to 158ºF)
Operating temperature: 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)
Relative humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
Electromagnetic environment: E2 (according to EN55103-1, -2)

*SD mode available mid 2013 for full SD operation – scalers permit SD I/Os in HD mode
March 17, 2014
Hillsboro, Ore., March 17, 2014 — Executives at Myanmar's MRTV are glad they chose a robust solution from Grass Valley® for the capture and delivery of live HD coverage of the 2013 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. This solution included a sophisticated broadcast infrastructure for MRTV's International Broadcast Center (IBC), which was designed to enable unilateral broadcast services for the Games. MRTV operates Myanmar's state-owned satellite television station MRTV. The station airs 12 local channels and 14 regional channels throughout Myanmar, reaching millions of viewers.
March 10, 2014
Hillsboro, Ore., March 10, 2014 — Consumer demand for exceptional viewing performance and quality is soaring, and new standards such as UHD/4K are driving the need for higher resolutions and higher frame rates throughout the broadcast distribution chain. Grass Valley® solves the challenges these new formats present with innovative updates across its entire product line at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas from April 7-10, 2014. Grass Valley (booth SL206) will demonstrate large scale, future-ready production solutions that enable the creation and manipulation of higher resolution and higher frame rate content, alongside seamless workflows that offer multiplatform content development and distribution with remote capabilities.

Switchers Solution Data Sheet

Grass Valley Video Production Center switchers are engineered for fast, efficient, and creative productions. Easy to load and transport show programming, combined with automation and powerful features using macros and timelines mean greater efficiency. As an integral component of creating live television coverage of sports, entertainment, and news from both studio and mobile installations, Kayenne and Karrera include familiar controls and intuitive interfaces. These systems define the industry standard operation, so training costs are lower, and finding operators is easy.

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