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Frame Synchronizers
Flexible Frame Synchronizers

Giving you greater options

Our never-ending hunger for innovation means we continually strive to provide broadcast and media professionals with unique and technologically advanced hardware. For flexibility with a capital 'F', Grass Valley® GeckoFlex™ frame synchronizer modules fit the bill.

Multiply the benefits: Whenever possible, Grass Valley solutions solve more than just one production challenge. In the case of our frame synchronizers, you can utilize a terrific trio of applications—simple digital system timing, full frame synchronization, and delay.

Defining the benchmark: The GeckoFlex range walks the walk and talks the talk with SDI and HD-SDI when it comes to high-quality frame synchronization.

Protect your investments, and ensure success: When you partner with Grass Valley, you're backed by a team of experts and the know-how behind 18 Technical Emmy® Awards. Every day, we help broadcasters design and deploy advanced solutions, and with 24/7/365 Customer Support, you'll protect your investment. Learn more about Grass Valley Customer Support »

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