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Making Signals Easier To Manage

Simplicity itself

Grass Valley® GeckoFlex™ multiplexers and demultiplexers bring a fresh and straightforward approach to embedding and de-embedding multiple audio signals as part of an SDI signal.

Choose from fiber-ready options with our multiplexer/demultiplexer offering.

Our aim is to deliver simple multichannel audio management for a variety of production requirements. Over the last 50+ years, we've been at the forefront of turning ideas for improved production into reality. Among our core strengths is listening to the industry and delivering the right solutions.

Finding the perfect balance: Our range of multiplexers and demultiplexers cover all the bases. You can choose from purely balanced and unbalanced hardware or opt for a solution that gives more flexibility by offering both balanced and unbalanced outputs.

Giving you remote control: Within the GeckoFlex product range, you'll find multiplexers and demultiplexers that can be adjusted via HTML web browsers or set up for remote configuration using NetConfig™ and NetCentral®.

Protect your investments, and ensure success: When you partner with Grass Valley, you're backed by a team of experts and the know-how behind 18 Technical Emmy® Awards. We help broadcasters design and deploy advanced solutions, and with 24/7/365 Customer Support, you'll protect your investment. Learn more about Grass Valley Customer Support »

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