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Newton Signal Management Control Solution

The Grass Valley® Newton™ modular control system offers multi-knob, Ethernet-based access to Grass Valley modular products. It lets you access the Gecko™, GeckoFlex™, and Kameleon™ modular products in a particular signal path—even if they're in different racks or facilities. You can adjust module parameters from a rack-mounted Newton control panel or a software control panel running on a standard Windows PC. There's even a button for locking out the control panel to prevent accidental changes. The Newton system also includes the Grass Valley NetConfig™ software, which lets you assign IP addresses to Gecko, GeckoFlex, and Kameleon frames for easy network identification. The NetConfig application works with the Encore™ router control system and Grass Valley routers. With Encore, you can separate system-level configuration tasks from operational ones, minimizing the potential for on-air mistakes. And you can group modular products into a logical signal path that you can easily access.

  • Ethernet-based control of Grass Valley Gecko and GeckoFlex signal management products
  • Control panels:
    • Compact 1 RU rack mount panel
    • PC soft-panel application with same functionality
    • No limit to the number of panels on a network
    • Operation independent of configuration
  • Includes NetConfig application and configuration plug-in tool for:
    • Network-wide device configuration
    • Control panel configuration
  • Control panel functions:
    • Four user-configurable control knobs to update device parameters
    • Twelve soft keys for quick recall of user-configurable parameters
    • Simple up/down, left/right navigation
    • Each panel supports 128 channels with 12 setups each
    • Clearly visible status of controlled devices
    • Enable button locally disconnects knobs and buttons from devices
    • Identify button reveals identity of controlled devices
  • Additional hardware panel features:
    • Easy-to-read green display w/adjustable intensity
    • Combination of soft buttons and dedicated function buttons with adjustable backlighting intensity
  • Requires only two simple connections: RJ‑45 Ethernet and IEC AC mains
  • Optional Encore routing control solution integration:
    • Source selection with automatic source delegation
    • Destination status monitoring
Newton Software Control Panel
Requires PC with Windows XP, 2000, or NT 4.0 and Internet Explorer v.5.5 or greater

Newton Hardware Control Panel
Power: 90 to 265 VAC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz, 15W max.
Connectors: RJ-45 10/100Base-T Ethernet connector
  • Height (1 RU): 4.4 cm, 1.7 in.
  • Width: 48.3 cm, 19.0 in.
  • Depth: 15.2 cm, 6.0 in.
  • Weight: 1.4 kg, 3.0 lbs.
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