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Nonlinear Video Editing - Software
EDIUS—The World's Fastest Editor

That Makes Decisions So Much Easier, Doesn't It?

It's quite simple: Grass Valley® EDIUS® nonlinear editing software is the world's fastest editor when mixing formats on the same timeline.

With EDIUS's advanced real-time editing capabilities and features, along with support for professional and broadcast environments, you'll edit efficiently and productively, so you can bring your creative visions to light.

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Utilizing a common platform across its 50 owned and or operated stations, Raycom Media has close to 900 seats of Grass Valley EDIUS, sharing content between adjacent markets and regions.
Collaborate: EDIUS Elite's ultimate file-based workflow capabilities and advanced features open up new possibilities for workgroup collaboration in different production ecosystems. The Elite version provides unprecedented integration with GV STRATUS® nonlinear production tools and K2 media server and storage infrastructure. You'll eliminate the need for conversions, processes, and extra components, so you'll have quick-turn production in news, studio, and live event environments.
Edit anything: Using EDIUS Pro, you'll perform powerful, real-time video editing in all popular formats. You'll get greater results in less time, so you can focus on creating and delivering more content with a new level of sophistication.
Create valuable content: EDIUS Neo delivers efficiency and exceptional image quality to your end product. You'll edit multiple formats and automate tasks, so you can work together with your team seamlessly in real-time, and produce incredible results.

Protect your investment: When you partner with Grass Valley's Customer Support, you'll anticipate and address any editing software challenges before they become problems. Learn more about the Grass Valley Customer Support Team »

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