NV9000 Control System
Control System & GV Convergent Panels

The Grass Valley NV9000 router control system includes a wide range of highly adapted panels for superior control plus advanced, highly resilient router controllers. The panel range includes informative and easy to use LCD relegendable panels, multidestination panels, multimode button per source panels, destination/source (XY) panels, and the powerful RCP-200 smart panel. The advanced NV960 family and the all new NV920 family of enterprise-class controllers offer outstanding robustness, and extremely flexible control to address different facility workflows, even in the most complex facilities.

NVISION 9000 Insights & Highlights
Flexible routing system architectures
  • Scalable from small to very large systems
  • Supports up to 400 control panels and up to 64 routers per system controller
  • Centralized or distributed router architectures
Simplified configuration
  • Dynamic changes without system restart for many parameters
  • Offline configuration
  • Powerful relational database management so configuration data only needs to be entered once
  • Source and destination device aliasing

Wide selection of control panels

  • XY, multidestination, multimode, LCD relengendable
  • Hardware and software versions

Facility-wide router integration

  • Rich integration across a facility, with multiviewers, signal processing, production switchers, master control switchers, audio consoles and tally systems
  • SNMP support
Legacy router integration
  • Control system allows simpler, incremental path to 3G/HD routing from third-party legacy router infrastructure, with phased transition to NV9000 control
Application-specific controllers
  • 1 RU compact and redundant truck controller
  • 2 RU Enterprise class, mission critical and serviceable controller

The NV9000 control system is an advanced platform for routing control. Different configurations of the system controllers are available to address a broad range of requirements with regards to features, function and redundancy. NV960 uses a single 2 RU system controller; NV965 uses a pair of 2 RU system controllers to offer full redundancy. NV967 includes a pair of system controllers, RS-485 port cards, NV9700 remote diagnostic and change-over panel, as well as all cables required to connect the included components together.

NV920 is the latest enterprise-class controller hardware, which offers single or redundant configurations in a 1 RU rack size. The NV920 runs the same NV9000 software as the NV960 platform, and includes many of the same options, but fewer TCP/IP ports and less serial control functionality. The NV920 is ideal for most applications, especially when rack space, heat emission and power consumption are concerns.

All system controllers are rack mounted and come with redundant power supplies. Customers must supply all monitors, keyboards or mice to be connected to the system controller platforms. All software preloaded, including drivers, to control any Grass Valley routers including NVISION series, Trinix and Apex as well as including drivers to interface with Encore, Jupiter and SMS-7000 controllers.

Optional software is available to control Philips/BTS, Utah Scientific, Horizon, Snell (Pro-Bel), Pesa, Sony, ISIS, and Datatek systems.

Third-party interfaces are available for SNMP, Snell (Pro-Bel) and SMS-MCPU Bridge. Other core system options include tie-line management software and remote diagnostics software.

NV920S   1 RU single module controller, frame, dual power supplies
NV920D   1 RU dual module controllers, frame, dual power supplies
NV960     2 RU single CPU controller, dual power supplies
NV962     Redundancy upgrade for a single NV960 controller
NV965     4 RU dual CPU controllers, each with dual power supplies
NV967     5 RU dual CPU controllers / power supplies and NV9700 remote diagnostic and change-over panel
Core System Options — Hardware
NV920-PRI      NV920 primary module
NV920-SEC     NV920 secondary module
NV920-FME     NV920 frame and dual power supplies
NV920-PS       NV920 replacement power supply
EC9412     Additional 10/100Base-T card for NV960 controller
EC9414     Additional 10/100Base-T dual NIC card for NV960 controller
EC9417     Additional 10/100/1000Base-T quad NIC card for NV960 series (FR0040-4X)
EC9425     Spare power supply for NV960 controller
EC9426     EIA-485 8 port card for NV960 controller
EC9421     EIA-485 16 port card for NV920 or NV960 controllers
EC9415     24 port Ethernet switch
EC9422     Y cable to support EIA-485 functionality for EC9420
EC9423     EIA-485 32 port device for NV920 or NV960 controllers
EC9424     Y cable to support EIA-485 functionality for EC9421 and EC9423
NV9500    Enhanced node controller I/F
Core System Option — Software
EC9549     Web Suite status option
EC9407     Multihop tie-line management software
EC9610     NV5128-MC SNMP license (requires NV9000 system with EC9600 option)
EC9513     Remote diagnostics software (includes modem)
EC9600     NV9000 SNMP license
Third-party router and controller routing interface protocols
EC9523     Encore control system interface
EC9531     Jupiter bridge interface
EC9536     Grass Valley SMS 7000 MCPU bridge interface
EC9720     Grass Valley SMS 7000 router serial interface
EC9537     NP Service for SMS 7000
EC9520     Philips router interface
EC9521     Utah router interface
EC9522     Horizon router interface
EC9524     Pro-Bel router interface
EC9525     Sony router interface
EC9527     Pesa serial router interface
EC9529     ISIS router interface
EC9530     Datatek router interface
EC9532     Sierra video router interface
EC9533     Euphonix router interface
EC9534     Nexus/Stagetek router interface
EC9538     Sony ROT-16 interface
Automation/external interface protocols
EC9526    Serial control interface, ESBUS protocol
EC9528     Serial control interface, Pro-Bel protocol via SW-P-02

Windows 10 64-bit Third-party router and controller routing interface protocols

EC9620 NV9000 — 64-bit multihop tie-line license

EC9621 NV9000 — 64-bit Jupiter (ESBUS) RTR license

EC9622 NV9000 — 64-bit Utah-RCP1 RTR license

EC9623 NV9000 — 64-bit Horizon RTR license

EC9624 NV9000 — 64-bit Encore RTR license

EC9625 NV9000 — 64-bit Probel RTR license

EC9626 NV9000 — 64-bit Sony RTR license

EC9627 NV9000 — 64-bit Jupiter (ESBUS) EXT IF license

EC9628 NV9000 — 64-bit Pesa RTR license

EC9629 NV9000 — 64-bit Probel EXT IF license

EC9630 NV9000 — 64-bit ISIS RTR license

EC9631 NV9000 — 64-bit DataTek RTR license

EC9632 NV9000 — 64-bit Sierra Video RTR license

EC9633 NV9000 — 64-bit EUPHONIX RTR license

EC9634 NV9000 — 64-bit NEXUS/STAGETEC RTR license

EC9636 NV9000 — 64-bit SONY ROT 16 license

EC9640 NV9000 — 64-bit Panasonic RTR license

EC9641 NV9000 — 64-bit NP EXT IF license

EC9650 NV9000 — 64-bit Tieline license

EC9790 NV9000 — 5 client JAVA GUI license

Windows 10 Upgrade options

EC9644 NV9000 Win 10 Upgrade FR0040-30 STANDALONE

EC9645 NV9000 Win 10 Upgrade FR0040-30 REDUNDANT

EC9646 NV9000 Win 10 Upgrade FR0040-40 STANDALONE

EC9647 NV9000 Win 10 Upgrade FR0040-40 REDUNDANT

EC9648 NV920 Win 10 Upgrade STANDALONE

EC9649 NV920 Win 10 Upgrade REDUNDANT

NV9000 Control System Panels

NV9601 X-Y/Multi-destination Panel
NV9605 1 RU Multimode Paging Shallow Panel W/3 Disp.
NV9606 1 RU High-Density Button Multi-Function Panel
NV9640A 2 RU LCD X-Y Control Panel
NV9641A 1 RU LCD Control Panel
NV9642 1 RU High-Density 34 LCD Button Router Control Panel
NV9646 1 RU High-Density 46 LCD Button Router Control Panel
NV9648 2 RU Half-Rack wide Server/ Multi-Mode Router Control Panel
NV9649 2 RU Half-Rack Wide Client/ Multi-Mode Router Control Panel
NV9654 2 RU High-Density 54 LCD Button Router Control Panel

NV9000: Router Control System Datasheet

The NV9000 router control system from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is the most broad and application-specific system available, offering efficient control paradigms that helps operators execute signal routing fast and error free from a highly resilient router controller platform.

Posted Mar 29 2017 (GVB-1-0170I-EN-DS) File Size: 2.9 MB

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GV Convergent: IP/SDI Router Control & Configuration System Datasheet

The GV Convergent IP/SDI router control and configuration system from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, transparently manages facility routing as the industry migrates from SDI to IP infrastructures, maintaining familiar control interfaces as well as introducing intuitive new GUIs for configuration, management and control. GV Convergent is both infrastructure and signal format agnostic for easy system scalability for your system today and far into the future.

Posted Apr 17 2016 (GVB-1-0491E-EN-DS) File Size: 1.3 MB

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NVISION Panel Series: Wide Range of Highly Adapted Panels for Superior Control Datasheet

The NVISION panel series from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, includes a wide range of highly adapted panels for superior control. The panel range includes informative and easy to use LCD relegendable panels, multidestination panels, multimode button per source panels, destination/source (XY) panels and the powerful RCP-200 smart panel. The NVISION panel series is the most comprehensive line of panels, meticulously designed to optimize various workflows for the fastest, error-free operations as well as accommodating tight budgets and restricted space requirements. Panels can be used with both the NV9000 and GV Convergent control systems.

Posted Aug 27 2015 (GVB-1-0489C-EN-DS) File Size: 3.6 MB

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