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Power. Speed. Simplicity.

Grass Valley® built the most extensive and flexible line of media servers, storage, and dedicated record/play devices in the industry. K2 offers a unified infrastructure to acquire, manage, package, and deliver content across a diverse range of broadcast media requirements and applications. T2™ iDDRs connect to all professional AV equipment, so you can integrate into any environment, without sacrificing the level of recording and playback quality you need.

K2 Dyno® Replay System
K2 Summit®
T2 Express, Pro and Elite iDDRs
T2 Classic iDDRs

Service and Support
Grass Valley is about satisfied customers. That's why we provide 24/7/365 support and service—protecting your investments and keeping you on air.

Need more solutions to streamline your broadcast system?
Wellen+Nöthen distributes all of Grass Valley's broadcast solutions in Germany. Recently, the two companies collaborated on the planning and systems integration for a new OB van for RecordLab, an expert in broadcast services in Germany. The project included the delivery of a Grass Valley® Karrera® Video Production Center switcher, a Trinix® NXT routing switcher, and an LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo Camera.
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